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Tornado Paintball Guns

Tornado Paintball Guns

RAP4 Tornado paintball gun has a universal design for recreational paintball, woodsball, scenario paintball, air ball, XBall and tournament paintball. The Tornado can be modified to an ideal version for each of these paintball games...in less than a minute per conversion! The attachments are plug-and-play, it is extremely easy to use, and simple to upgrade and operate.

The Tornado is amazingly easy to maintain, taking only ten seconds to fieldstrip. You can fieldstrip it, clean the internals, oil the o-rings, and reassemble it in less than a minute. The Tornado is designed for durability and ease of use, and is designed with paintball players in mind.

The Tornado velocity is adjustable from 250fps to 350fps, with a maximum range of 300 feet and effective range of 150 feet. The Tornado also has available option of Electronic Trigger System, which enables it to shoot semi, burst, and full-auto.

The Tornado has endless configurations and options, and all the accessories and attachments are completely interchangeable from one to another. The Tornado is the best paintball marker for those who want to play all the different types of paintball games, and not have to buy different markers.

1). Action: Powered by either CO2 or N2
2). Ammo: 0.68 caliber Paintballs
3). Initial Velocity: 280~300 fps
4). Barrel: Interchangeable 8/10/12" spiral ported threaded Barrel
5). Mechanical version: (Semi Automatic) Electronic Version: (Semi; 3-Burst; Full Auto firing)
6). Air System Adapter: DSR low pressure regulator
7). Grip Frame: Aluminum Alloy die-casting powered by one rechargeable 9V battery
8). Processing: Vertical feed, closed receiver with CNC processing
9). Construction: Corrosion-resistant aerospace grade Aluminum with wear resistant Teflon finish on all internal parts and dual-colors fade anodizing surface treatment
10). Durable High Temperature: 450~500C
11). Durable Low Temperature: -80C
12). Life Time: 20,000 times (without change any spare parts such as springs, O-rings)
13). Length: 460mm
14). Weight: 1.4kg