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Ultimate Paintball War At Camp Pendleton

Ultimate Paintball War At Camp Pendleton

RAP4 is looking forward to helping the Ultimate Paintball Wars (UPW) crew put on the best 8 hour scenario game that Camp Pendleton has ever seen! Coming up this weekend--that's Saturday the 21st--we'll be onsite at Camp Pendleton for the "Tropical Thunder" big game with hot new markers, landmines, Battle Smoke, special prizes, and all kinds of exclusive goodies for you to try out and take home. We're even sponsoring the Close Quarters Arena, so you can experience the ultra-realism of our mag-fed milsim markers and battle simulation gear, like mines! We're going to make this event truly as real as it gets...

...and the UPW is helping to make it awesome with a DJ spinning tunes all day, loads of sponsors' prizes, and free camping! Spend the night with us, and after it gets dark the lights come on around the huge paintball field to provide a stunning night game. Master the shadows, overcome the odds, and experience the thrill of playing with our latest mag-fed markers.

You'll be able to take a brand new RAP4 MKP-II prototype for a spin, wrap your fingers around the MK5 SOCOM, and marvel at the MKV M4--a one-to-one reproduction of an M4 carbine, the duty carbine in use by real Marines elsewhere on base! Not only will you be among the first to see the prototypes and brand-new models on display at this extraordinary scenario game, but you'll be able to test-fire many of them...including the RAP4 Barrett .50 cal and RAP4 M249, both of which are customized to reproduce their as-issued counterparts in a paintball marker that shoots standard .68 caliber paint.

That means that you can shoot, and even own, these amazing reproductions and experience the thrill of carrying them into battle against hardened opponents. Line up the sights, trust the spring-powered magazines to get your paint safely in the chamber, and take out your foes with astonishing accuracy.

You'll see just what we mean by saying that our gear is as real as it gets when you play milsim paintball on a real Marine Corps base with these stunning reproductions of duty-issue gear. But space is limited, so you'll have to call the UPW at 818-835-5635 right now to arrange pre-registration for this game!

Should you miss out, be sure to check our website www.rap4usa.com for details on the extraordinary gear the promoters and players asked us to bring. Your next chance to see our prototypes and brand new gear up close and in person is at our upcoming Operation: End War games at Battlefront Paintball in Ohio July 27-28, and then at The Paintball Zone in California for September 28-29. We're proud to help all of these great events bring the thrill of tactical paintball to some of the best fields around...all for you.

RAP4--As Real as it Gets!