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Urban Shield S.W.A.T. Competition 2013

Urban Shield S.W.A.T. Competition 2013

RAP4 is proud to release an exclusive video we shot at the Urban Shield SWAT Competition recently held in California, where our gear—including the Professional Training Rifle (468 PTR)—make police training as real as it gets. SWAT operators from across the region gathered to test their skills in clearing armed perpetrators from inside and around a train, as part of a head to head competition and weekend long exchange of tactics, tips, and knowledge. They suited up with the RAP4 468PTR, goggles, and DMags…and headed straight into the action.

Here’s our lead designer, Omar Macy, hosting our exclusive video from the event.

When Omar led RAP4’s development of the Professional Training Rifle, he did it for these professionals: SWAT operators, combat troops, and other armed pros who demand the most realistic training possible…because their lives depend on it.

The PTR is designed to exactly replicate the exterior look and feel, controls and natural point of aim, of an M4 carbine. It even disassembles like an M4, and has the adaptability of being able to accept different upper receivers by simply removing two body pins and swapping the upper half of the gun with a mission-adapted upper half—just like professionals use to transition their rifles from incredibly compact CQB tools to longer-range, night-adapted, or other specialized configurations.

The PTR carbines the Urban Shield SWAT officers carried into the training and competitive missions so exactly reproduced the experience of handling their duty carbines, that they needed only moments on the test range to familiarize themselves with the sound of the PTR’s report. Everything else came naturally, so they could focus on the mission, their teammates, and neutralizing the bad guys.

That’s what training is all about—keeping it as realistic as it gets so that every experience reinforces weapon handling skills, tactics, and teamwork. The PTR allows these professionals to train like they never could with their firearms. They can train in borrowed facilities like the trains, they can train against other tactical professionals, they can train with the chaos of real people character acting civilians and hostages, etc. The use of paintballs makes the training safe, and adaptable to real-world settings you just can’t reproduce on a range…

…and using the 468PTR makes their weapons handling and familiarity training, right down to reloading and jam clearing, as realistic as possible.

We’re proud of the 468PTR’s performance at the Urban Shield SWAT Challenge, and we’re proud that our equipment is trusted by armed professionals for the training they know will save their lives.

RAP4 – As Real as it Gets!

2014-02-05 00:00:00