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Urban Shield S.W.A.T. Competition 2014

Urban Shield S.W.A.T. Competition 2014

In September, 35 of the world's elite SWAT teams converged in Oakland, California, to compete in the 48 hour Urban Shield training exercises. These teams were tested without pause for two days in various disciplines including emergency medical procedures, traffic control, disease outbreak quarantine procedures, and combat operations.

California's Amtrak Railroad served as the battlefield for these teams to test their combat skills against the clock and armed opposing forces. The tools provided were 468 Training Rifles, and DMAG Helix Magazines, for maximum realism.

For the combat operations training, SWAT teams were tasked with the security of a foreign diplomat during transit via passenger train. A two-man personal security detachment (PSD) armed with pistols sat with the diplomat on the second floor of train car #1. A six-man quick reactionary force (QRF) stood ready on the first floor of car #5. When an assassin armed with a pistol attempted to attack the diplomat, the PSD had to react quickly to kill or capture the assassin while the QRF made its way to car #1, searching for additional assailants and securing the train. The teams had to act together to extract the diplomat to the safe zone: a designated structure located 500m from the train. Upon entering the building, the teams were ambushed by another assailant.

The RAP4 training weapons provided the realism they needed to train as they fight…and to fight as they have trained! The 468 is designed to exactly replicate the controls and ergonomics, natural point of aim and handling, and to accept virtually every sight and accessory for duty-issue carbines, to create the most realistic and useful training tool ever released. They are the latest innovation of our lead designer, Omar Macy, who brings an extensive background in firearm design to the creation of these guns exclusively for us. The 35 teams armed with these 468 carbines agree that the 468 is truly As Real As it Gets!

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