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US Army Training with RAP4 METS

US Army Training with RAP4 METS

In the new age of combat training it is ever more crucial to prepare our soldiers before deployment. The battlefield has changed, and so must the tools of life-saving combat training.
Rifle - RAP4

Real Action Paintball's RAP4 METS (Military Enhanced Training System) is the latest training tool available. It is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4, and provide interactive, instant, tactile feedback during crucial training. The RAP4 METS features shell ejection after every shot, magazine-fed marking rounds, and has the power source discretely housed inside the butt stock.

The training rounds for the RAP4 METS are shot at 450 feet per second, keeping point-of-impact on target over great distances. These units are ideal training tools to teach soldiers what they did wrong and how to do better with greater safety and more training options than live-fire. Mock opposing forces can shoot back, safely but impressively, in live-action exercises. When they hit, it provides a psychological impact and imprint in the mind of the soldier what he/she did wrong. Through the breakthrough training these tools enable, the soldiers learn more effectively how to take proper cover and coordinate movement.
The RAP4 METS system is currently being used by elements of the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and many other governmental departments and agencies.

View the documentation video of the RAP4 METS with the U.S. Army 95th Division below.
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