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War On The Range

War On The Range

RAP4 is bringing the swag to a Wild West scenario like you’ve never seen before—the War on the Range at Shooters All Season Paintball near Nicolaus, California. Backed by the fantastic Lockdown Scenarios, and spun around a well-written Wild West scenario, this game is going to have it all…even the latest MagFed markers to keep things interesting this Memorial Day weekend.

Cut to the chase and preregister here: http://ldscenarios.com/Lockdown_Scenarios/Events.html

…you’ll even get a patch (and save five bucks) by registering before game day!

We’ll be onsite with plenty of tactical gear and a truckload of 468s, MKVs, T68s, and MKPs to loan if you want to see what MagFed is all about…and we’ll have some great event-only deals if you want to take one home. See how well the gear performs as you take on hundreds of opponents in this weekend-long Memorial Day throwdown!

Our staff is working with Lockdown Scenarios to create some special challenges, missions, and objectives for MagFed players, and we’ll have side events you won’t see anywhere else—like a Top Shot –style competition featuring our thrilling DMR, a LAW rocket launcher, and the elusive CCM SR1. See how our MagFed gear performs against the other milsim gear out there as you compete against the clock—and each other—to prove your mettle with a variety of tactical paintball guns. A portion of your $5 entry fee to this side match even goes to charity, supporting the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.

Then there’s the game itself—two days of all-out paintball action where milsim players join together with scenario diehards to tackle Shooters All Season Paintball’s dynamic fields.

You see, the Red Rock Mining Company started getting a little too big for their fare share of Izzy’s Gulch, and started throwing their weight around. The cowboys of Yellow Creek Ranch decided to swell their ranks with hired hands in case they needed to do something about it. The mining company had hired legions of mercenaries by then, and things were coming to a head when the townsfolk found old Captain Phillips of Yellow Creek Ranch shot to death in the creek.

Then it was payback time for Yellow Creek Ranch, and an all-out war for the town between hard rock miners and cowboys and the crazy characters attracted to California boomtowns.

If that doesn’t get you excited…just look for the bad guys downrange, and rain paint on them. There’s a role for everyone, from experienced role players to milsim stalwarts who just want a bunch of bad guys to shoot.

In the end, it’s all about having a great game with players who take their tactical gaming very seriously…and everyone is eligible for the hot RAP4 gear we’re giving away, so who knows what hot swag you’ll take home!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-05-07 18:11:44