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Win A 468PTR At END WAR 5

Win A 468PTR At END WAR 5

RAP4 is proud to introduce two men who need no introduction (but we’re going to do it anyway, because we’re excited)—Bob Long and Greg Hastings, the celebrity commanders of Operation: End War 5.

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 3rd, through Sunday the 5th, because you’re going to be at the Snake Pit Training Center near Copperopolis, California, competing in this Modern Combat Sports challenge. You can play for Greg Hastings’ Red Team, or Bob Long’s B.L.U. team, and use your real world combat skills to swing the odds ever in your favor.

Who do you want to play for?

Register online now: www.operationendwar.com

Greg Hastings is famous for his paintball activism, promoting our sport around the world at scenario and big games, tournaments and special events. The man behind the Greg Hastings Paintball video games, he’s a force to be reckoned with…and one well-established team leader. He’s led teams in woodsball and scenario campaigns, and will make his Modern Combat Sports debut with a MagFed gun in his hands at Operation: End War 5.

Bob Long is a professional paintball player, tourney team captain, and industry celebrity. A seasoned pro from back in the woodsball days, he’s made a name for himself in tournaments and big games alike…and now he comes to Modern Combat Sports looking to see how well his skills translate to true military-style force-on-force combat.

Operation: End War 5 continues our tradition of excellence in promoting the most realistic military action gaming available. With our MagFed Only format and focus on military-inspired missions, gear, and tactics, we’re proud to take the leap and declare this game a true Modern Combat Sports event. Players will use only MagFed guns, and will have to use real world military tactics, marksmanship, and teamwork to complete their objectives and overcome their foes.

The guns are as real as it gets, a theme furthered by the load bearing vests, uniforms, tactical radios, tactics, and even the command and control structures that squads and teams put in place. Operation: End War 5 will test how well you would really do in combat…and how well you can apply real world skills to dominating your opponents.

It will also pit these two paintball celebrities against each other, and see how well they can adapt to Modern Combat Sports. Hopefully they’ll join you on the Friday before the action, as Calaveras Tactical hosts an afternoon of real world military training on an amazing urban course. You can receive this training—the same that soldiers and private contractors receive—for just $50…and if you need to rent a MagFed gun and magazines, we can arrange that.

But you have to sign up soon, as space is limited. Sign up before September 1st, and you’ll even be entered into a drawing to win one of the first Professional Training Rifles available to civilians.

Do it now.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-8-14 18:27:47