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Wireless Camera For Active Live Style

Wireless Camera For Active Live Style

RAP4 is proud to introduce the RAP4 Land Warrior digital video recorders, a family of digital video cameras that are compact, rugged, and designed for rough handling in real-world conditions. With various models intended
for handheld use and innovative mounting solutions, each with interchangeable SD cards and batteries, there is a video recording solution for every sport and line of work.

The Land Warrior digital recording system allows you to capture high resolution video and clear audio, along with .jpg photographs. Capable of recording for several hours on a single battery charge, they can capture the highlights from a
week-long adventure or the entirety of a long afternoon without requiring any spare components.

Paintball players can record missions to satisfy game objectives, provide reconnaissance for their commanders, or show friends and family what it looks like to watch your paint splatter all over the other team. Airsoft players can
capture the essence of CQB, role-playing interviews, and record the weekend's highlights around camp. Police officers and military personnel can record scenes from the field for evidence collection or intelligence analysis, after action
reviews and internal investigations. The uses, from mountain biking to camping, hunting to action sports, are nearly endless!

And so are the mounting options between the various Land Warrior models. Whatever your intended pursuit - mounting to your hunting rifle or paintball marker, the handlebars of your mountain bike or motorcycle - the Land Warrior digital
video recorders show it like it was.

Key Features:
- Full-function, hands-free, digital recording
- Water-resistant and shock-resistant for real-world conditions
- High quality VGA resolution at 30 frames per second
- USB and RCA cables included for easy playback on PC or TV (NTSC)
- SD card expansion for extended recording
- Operates with rechargeable batteries
- Available in various colors by model