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Angry Indian PB

Angry Indian PB

 Mr. Angry Indian is an aggressive, strategic, and effective player on the field. He style of play is run and gun and boy oh boy you better watch out. As he maneuvers around the field its very difficult to pinpoint his location. By the time you find him he will have already dome shot you with an FSR. 


Who are you? Location? 






Angry Indian PB (AIPB) is a player looking to push magfed to the forefront of the paintball world. I represent several fields throughout the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, but I am not limited to just local fields. I can be found at many events throughout the area my locating information via my facebook or instagram handles @angryindianpb .






Team Members?






Rondell Khan (Angry Indian)






Where do you play? How often?






Angry Indian PB plays almost every weekend, or whenever possible. Playing at my homefield of Southern Maryland Paintball 11272 Edge Hill Rd, Newburg, MD (301) 934-9207 http://www.southernmdpaintball.com/









Do you host games? 






Currently I do not host any games. I have many concepts to games & would love the opportunity  bring them to light.






What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?






This year I will be attending Kilo Six Nine Bravo being held at EMR Event Park in New Milford PA, and will also be at Smoldering Steel's Mafia Wars held at Southern Maryland Paintball in Newburg Maryland. I plan to check the board and see which other magfed games I may be able to attend.






Are you proficient in tech with any markers?






I would say I know how to fix my markers some what. I am no pro, but I know a little bit about some milsig, tippmann, and mcs markers. Learning them in full detail now.









What markers do you use? MCS or not






My current marker setup ranges on how my playing still will be, For long range combat where I want to provide over watch I use my custom 468 DMR. If I want some mid range action I turn to my trusted custom 468 Ris. For close quarter battles (CQB) I lean to one of two (either my upgraded tippmann tipx, or my custom Milsig Kriss Vector).









Where can people find you?






I can be found all over social media. My instagram handle is @angryindianpb or on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/angryindianpb . I can also be found on my youtube channel just search AngryIndianPB .