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Atlantic Tactical Outlaws

Atlantic Tactical Outlaws

The Atlantic Tactical Outlaws are currently the largest Canadian East Coast paintball team, with over 20 active members, based in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.  They are made up of experienced paintballers and their mission is to share the fun of the sport, helping other players, and promoting teamwork and fair play.

 The team is headed by 2 co-Captains out of NB.  Ron Breau, Cpt. Twitch, and Justin Williams, Cpt D’jango.  The Outlaws home field is the Atlantica Outdoor Recreation Center, in Hillsborough, NB.

 Eric Conrad, CDR. Grizz, is the leader of the PEI branch of ATO.  Home field is Crossfire Adventure Paintball in Cavendish, PEI.  He is the Maritime Paintball Players Association ambassador for PEI.  He is founder of Grizzly Games, a scenario paintball company  and a talented game prop designer and event planner.  He is often found hard at work building props, fixing markers for players so they can get back playing, and playing himself on the field.

 Team Members

 Ron Breau, Cpt Twitch is the Maritime Paintball Players Association NB ambassador, and originator of the magfed museum in NB. He has a passion for the sport, is always looking out for areas to help the sport improve and grow.  He is also an excellent photographer, always risking his neck for a great shot.

Justin Williams, Cpt D’jango, is co captain of the team.

Sam Goguen, Special

Cody Eric-leopaul Hachey, Stryker

Luke Fergusson, Lucky

Joel Fergusson

Aaron Nelson, owner, Atlantica ORC

Erik Heinz-Milne, Qaeta

Glen Hughes, Bones

Scott Cameron

Tristan Cameron

Jeffrey Barrieau

Christopher Steeves, Sith

Joel (Skulish) Grant

Justin Weir, Milsimist

 Eric Conrad, CDR Grizz

Jesse Bernard, Viper

Sean Dos Santos Cordeiro, Matador

RJ O’Connor, Ragnarok

Lucas Buote, Rook

 Are you proficient at marker tech?

Several members are fluent in many marker types, and carry orings and parts to fix markers, and get players back in the game.  ATO always has at minimum one member who travels to every maritime event all year.  Larger events, like the Paintball 4 Kids game, MFOGs, and events put on by CDR Grizz at Crossfire Adventure Paintball or Atlantica ORC have most of the team present.


Loaner Markers?

Many of the team carry back up markers and loaners for players to try out.  At fields, there are also opportunities to rent markers.


Do you host games?

CDR Grizz organizes games throughout the year, also Qaeta, and other members.


What does it take to be a member of ATO?

We look for players who love people and the sport.  Many of us use our own cash to front ideas, and help local players.  We also are looking to expand our roster, with female members, and younger ones this coming year.

 Where can we find you?