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BAMF Assassins

BAMF Assassins

BAMF Assassins Paintball Team is only one year in the making and already an 18 member strong crew that’s growing fast. We all started as most, slinging paint about in large amounts. But now we are a fully Magfed Team for 2017. Our aim is to help spread and educate fellow ballers in the sport we love….

 Team Members?
Dean Dawson… Aka. Jesus… Team Founder and Captain 

Gareth Weston... Aka. Westy… Vice Captain 

Kirron Hughes… Aka. 00Birron 

James Collins… Aka. The Reaper 

James Inwood…Aka. The Shadow 

Ben Murphy…Aka. Chewy 

Heath Crips… Aka. The African 

Mark Shevrington…Aka. Deebo 

Stealey J Wells… Aka. The Viking 

Dan Newberry… Aka. Jedi Dan 

Robbie Player… Aka. Monkey Eyes 

Sam Tomlinson…Aka. The Muel 

Callum Horton…Aka. Snow Man 

John Newberry… Aka. Viper 

John Munro… Aka. Scouse 

Sam Southern… Aka. Redderz 

Kris Goswell… Aka. Chester Gibbins 

Denzil Crofton… Aka. Fury

Where do we play and how often?

BAMF Assassins Home field is Paintball South, New Forest, Hampshire.  We attend numerous Games, Locations and events across the UK and travel to Europe each year. Last year we travelled to Greece and attended the world famous Medusa Event. This Year we travel to France to attend the Game Of Thrones event at the Citadel to help push and spread the word of paintball and Magfed. We try to attend one big game or event monthly and also train and attend as many walk- ons at Sites of over the UK.

Do you host games? 
At the moment, No. But BAMF are in talks with Sites on the south coast to help build and spread the word of Magfed.  We are looking to start and help build a Magfed league for all to enjoy.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

Mayhem Big Game, UK 

Black Hawk Down, UK 

Game Of Thrones, France 

Mad Dogs, UK 

Equilibruim, UK 

Tropic Thunder, UK 

OMG Events,UK 

Nextgen Events, UK 

Sands of Time, UK 

Paintfest Big Game, UK 

Stalingrad, UK

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

99% of members are proficient in Tipermann, Milsig, Hammer7 and Tgr’s. 

All members make time to help any Fellow baller of any experience, on or off the field in any trouble shooting problems or general advise or questions they have. We even have a talented marker customizer with in the Team.

Do you have loaner markers?

We currently have 2 x tipx’s pistols, 1 x Tgr, 1 x custom Bullpup and 1 x Hammer7 custom sniper.

Where can people find you? 

We currently have 2 x tipx’s pistols, 1 x Tgr, 1 x custom Bullpup and 1 x Hammer7 custom sniper.