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Becoming a MCS Magfed Ambassador

Becoming a MCS Magfed Ambassador


MCS is looking players and team that will lead the way for magfed and grow our sports. MCS Magfed Ambassador program is a program dedicated is to grow our sports, join our team you will teach, mentor, and coach new players on how to participate into your sports. The program is designed to help you have fun, play more, and get some valuable rewards!

We will work with you/team to building a relationship and grow the sports together. To join our team, please answer all of the questions below. Answer thoroughly as we are very interested in learning about your involvement in the MAGFED Community. This is strictly an application, I really like to get to know you and your team individually. We hope to hear from you guys! 

1. Please give me a brief of your team bio – who – what – when – how.

2. Team media, photos, video – URL that represents your team. Team photo with our banner, if you don’t have one already I will end them to you.

3. How many times do you play a month? What events do you participate in?

4. From here we will communicate to grow the sports together.

5. What level of ambassadorship are you looking to be involved in? (Rental Fleet, Sponsorship, Event Promoter)

6. What markers do you/ team use?

View this video to help answer some questions that you may have:

Thank you for your support to help grow the sport
After you submit, give me 3-5 days to look over!  Please email the information to info@mcsus.com, If you don't hear from us within a week, chances are your email is lost in cyberspace. Please get on chat or give us call 800-727-7347