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Blackback Paintball Team

Blackback Paintball Team

Who are you? Location?

We are a Magfed team located in western Washington. The team is based off the idea that this is a band of gorillas. Gentle and friendly individuals but ferocious to protect the group at any means. Our goal is to continue the growth of magfed that our friends have greatly established.

Team Members?

Tuna Nguyen “Silverback”

Alan Cienfuego “Poncho”

Thomas Langstaff “Anchor”

Tito Nguyen “Mamba”

Derek Sergent “Scout”

Isaiah Hudson

 Where do you play? How often?

We migrate and play at many different fields available in the western washington area. Such as KC Crusaders, Doodlebugz Sports Outdoor, Forestfire, and Master’s Blaster. We play a minimum once a month but our members can be seen playing as often as we can.

 Do you host games?

Not at the moment, but we are working to plan events and get together games/meetups/events with our local fields and teams to get magfed going in our area. Our goal is to attend paintball more and appeal to new and veteran players to try and give magfed a shot.


What big MAGFED games do you/team plan on attending this year?

Dominion is always a staple point for us to travel to play. But we also plan on traveling to other states that host magfed events such as the midwest and east coast. And eventually, internationally.


Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Yes! We are very familiar with brands such as Tippmann, MCS, and First Strike. We try to offer help as much as we can to get players feeling comfortable with their gear so that they can get back on the field and enjoying the game.

 What markers do you use?

Tuna Nguyen “Silverback”:                            468/ Tipx/ Hammer7/ Airrowgun

Alan cienfuego “Poncho”:                               468/ T15

Thomas Langstaff “Anchor”                            486

Tito Nguyen “Mamba”                                     FSC

Derek Sergent “Scout”                                    T15

Isaiah Hudson                                                 TMC15

Where can people find you?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackbackpaintball

Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_blackbacks