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Club Deportivo Critters Tactical Paintball  (Colombia)

Club Deportivo Critters Tactical Paintball (Colombia)

Alexander sachica is the creator and captain of the sports club critters tactical paintball where he broadcasts and applies to his companions his three pillars as a family, honor and loyalty team. He is also committed to the good practice of paintball milsim 3 Sundays a month in Training of knowledge of markers, tactics strategies teamwork among others and participating in regional and national events and looking for the migration of the team to be 100% mag feed to be the best exponent of the milsim with the best existing tools markers magfed and so Motivate other people to join this community mag feed is a real exponent of the magfed community, in short he is a good ambassador of MCS and the generation magfed.

Who are you? Location?

The Critters Tactical Paintball Sports Club is located in the city of Bogota, Colombia. It currently has 14 active operators with the firm intention of continuing to grow not only in numbers, but also tactical, strategic, applying teamwork and excellent performance and result in Every field that we are presented, to be able to develop in forest, urban or mixed scenarios day or night with the highest quality the main idea is to become a reference at international level of MCS the use of magfeed and the application of sop Quebeq in the mode milsim of paintball taking as estantardarte honesty discipline and teamwork and invite other teams and players to join this community magfeed in our country

Team Members? 

Nelson melo (MAMUTT)

Danna Katherine rodriguez (ELLIE)

Alvaro Ortiz (SHOCKER)

Cristian Fabian Silva (PEWEE)

Edwin Rodriguez (BUCK)

Carlos Caballero (HAZARD)

Cirley Urbino (CIR)

Gigi medawar (RAFIKY)

German Alfonzo

Santiago barriga Gutierrez

Kevin Verano

German Alfonzo

Jaime Vasquez

Alexander Sachica (Captain) SCORCENY

Where do you play? How often? 

 Critters Tactical Paintball Sports Club does its practice or training 3 Sundays a month minimum 6 hours, based on the need for improvement of the movement team communication strategies or tactics for upcoming events or to keep raising the level of the team, we use paintball fields for practice Of advanced shooting and formations


for advanced urban practices clear of room and wrapping and sumicion we use this field

https://www.facebook.com/CampoHardTacticalGames/? Fref = ts

we also have the collaboration of several operators who provide private places on the outskirts of the city with some qualities to perform training or versus other teams as a pre-event regional or national events.


Do you host games? 

 The Sports Club Critters Tactical Paintball when performing training or attending versus regional or national events with assistance between 60 to 180 people depending on the type of event, it also aims to show the sport as an alternative exploit skills and knowledge regarding equipment, operation And maintenance of the same, promoting paintball milsim and the use of markers more and more close to the reality as they are those mag feed so as to give a greater place to this sport and the existing tools for the practice of paintball milsim modality milsim

 What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

 The Critters Paintball Sports Club tactical when doing the training or attending regional or national events with assistance between 60 to 180 people depending on the type of event, in 2017 our team is organizing a national event 100% milsim on March 18 and 19 Where not only encouraged the practice of this sport but also the use of the mag feed and show the MCS brand to the attendees with the assistance of teams from all over the country who will have the opportunity to learn more about the innovations of the magfeed MCS and the paintball mislim, also aims to show the sport as an alternative exploitation of each operator's skills increase knowledge about markers, operation and maintenance of the same, promoting paintball milsim the use of markers ever closer to the Reality as are the mag feed to give a greater place to this sport and the existing tools for the practice of milsim paintball milsim modality, we will also be participating in several milsim operations in the course of the year as they are:
Operation Somalia Freedom April 30, 2017
Operation Apocalypse May 28, 2017
National event milsim november (name of operation and date to be confirmed) it is clear that these are excellent opportunities to promote MCS mag feed and milsim at regional and national level and we will be 100% committed to involve as many people as possible Of this evolution of paintball as a person and as a team

 Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

At this moment our team has markers in its majority tippman that we are in the process of migrating to tacamo where the operation, maintenance and care is of the knowledge and application of each and every one of the members, which leads us to be able to help To operators of other equipment or people in general to carry and have their maracadoras in perfect aesthetic and operating conditions for their use

What markers do you use? MCS or not 

 At this moment the team has the following markers:
Sierra one
Brave one
Alpha black
Bt delta elite
Tm 15
A5 (tacamo)
Tippmann tmc
X7 phenom
Tpx (back up)

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crittersmilsim/

Instagram: @Muscles4Magfed

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr8Bbhzikn1clA7oS-WU_mg/feed

twitter: @CrittersTPC

wb: www.critterstpc.tk