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Mac Bok (Vancouver)

Mac Bok (Vancouver)

My name is Mac Bok and I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I’m a paintball enthusiast with prior military training having previously served in the Singapore Armed Forces.  I love the thrill of the sport and all the new people I get to meet out on the field.  It’s an exciting sport that I hope to see grow in popularity, especially the MAGFED community.

 Where do you play?  How often?  Do you host MAGFED Games?

I’m a regular at Delta Force where they feature scenario based games such as Resident Evil, Prison Break and D-Day Landing.  Recently, I tried out a new venue - Panther Paintball, which is BC’s largest field with a playing area of over 57 acres.  During the spring/summer when it’s warm out, I go about once a month.  During the winter, I’ll go a few times on a less regular basis.  I recently met some great folks in a MAGFED group that gets together to play regularly, so I anticipate playing 1-2 times a month on a year round basis coming up.

 What big MAGFED games do you/team plan on attending this year?

I will be participating in the 2018 Spec Ops Limited Paint Scenario event in May.  I hope to sign up for more events as they come up.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

I have experience in servicing my own markers, such as Tippmann and more recently the 468 PTR.

Do you have loaner markers? Working to grow my fleet

Where can people find you?

Facebook            : https://www.facebook.com/mac.bok.75

Instagram           : @mac_bok