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Marvin Lismonde "Shayu"

Marvin Lismonde "Shayu"

"Shayu," An ambassador that enjoys the sport, is committed to the sport, and displays the sport extremely well! In a country where MAGFED is beginning, he is definitely a leader as far as gear and expertise. Belgium offers some of the most amazing fields in the world for MILSIM players yet magfed is still on the forefront. I truly believe Shayu will be a powerful leader for the MAGFED Community. Catch him on the field! 

Who are you?
I'am Marvin Lismonde aka Shayu on the paintball field. I'am a MAGFED milsim paintball player and I'am part of the Cowboys From Hell Paintball Team. I really enjoy shooting paint, adrenaline, drink some beers and have some barbecue. I really enjoy meeting new people and introducing paintball.

Where do you play? How often?
I'am playing in belgium at least once a week. In Andenne on the FullFace Field, and some team's field in all the country. Sometimes we're going to France too.

Do you host games?
I personally don't. We (CFH) organize four times a year an initiation game with people who want to try paintball. We also take guest (non-initate players or casual players) to our training. When we host a game it's a collaboration of the CFH with others team. We have the RED DAWN game. 

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?
I'am going to 'The Game Of Thrones Saison 2 Citadelle Biggame' and maybe the 'Citadelle Magfed Only.'

Do you have loaner markers?
I'am currently playing with my 468 and an TiPX. I have and M17 XDC backup.

 Where can people find you?
On facebook: 



 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEL4ggqb6NI4H5id-8ui6bw