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Paintballah Milsim Team

Paintballah Milsim Team

Hello from Greece and Paintballah Milsim Team

Dimitris Mihalaros is one of the founders of our team back in 2007,

one of the oldest Milsim teams here in Greece and the first Magfed only team,wich have 20+ active players that most of us play magfed .

we play almost every milsim/scenario game that is organized around Athens and we also organize some of them.,

We play twice a month but sometimes if there are more games we also participate to grow magfed.

Our goal is to grow Magfed here in Greece and let people know that there are other styles of paintball.


Who are you and whew are you located?

Paintballah Milsim Team has over 20 active players and we are located in Athens(Greece)


Team Members:

Dimitris Mihalaros-Snake(Cpt)

Kostas Koltouktsoglou-Lostre7

John Nenegakis

Themis Panorios-Chameleon

Dimitris Apostolou-French

Thomas Koutsoumpos-Viking

Manos Vrentzos-Eagle

Nikos Vrentzos

Alexander Tzanopoulos-MadMax

Thanasis Kainourios-Dr.

Tassos Spanos-Spotter

Nikos Alexakis-Alexei

Babis Alexakis-Babic

Aristotelis Apostolou-Telis

Nikos Malafouris-Stealth

Nikiforos Karras-Italian

Byron Rebouskos-Byro

Philippas-Desert Eagle

John Anastasiou-Tsiou

Petros Georgopoulos-Petran

Manolis Zervos- Manolo

Stauros Georgantzas


Where do you play and how often?

We play to all the Milsim games around Athens.


Do you host games?

Yes we do host some real nice scenario milsim games to abandoned buildings and woodland areas.


What big MAGFED games do your team plan on attending this year?

We are going for fifth time in a row to Operation Medusa here in Greece which takes place to an active Navy base on an island (Aegina) close to Athens.


Are you proficient in tech with any marker?

We have 3 really good techs in our team but most of us usually take care of our markers.


Platforms we play with:

We use all types of markers,Mcs-Rap4,Tippmann,Milsig,Tiberius,Dye,Carmatech,Spyder,Maxtact,


What markers does your team use?

Our team has every type of magfed marker Sniper(Sar12-Hammer7),Assault (468-Mkp/Hurricane-Milsig-T15TMC-TCR-Pistols),

Machine gunners (Dye Dam/BoxMag)


Where can people find you?

Here is our official FB page https://www.facebook.com/Paintballah/


Thanks in advance and keep up guys to grow the sport and magfed around the globe...