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Reapers Magfed Team (Conn.)

Reapers Magfed Team (Conn.)

Who are you? Location?  

Felix AKA SapperG is the founder of the REAPERS Magfed Team. The REAPERS are based in Connecticut and are always looking for new members. The REAPERS are actively working towards promoting Magfed events at their home field in Coventry, CT. The REAPERS home field is Matts Outback in Coventry, CT. 


Team Members?

Felix Gonzalez - Grimm Commander - Mercenary Division               

Isaiah Gonzalez                                  

Julius Gonzalez                  

Basir Philips - Grimm Captain - Assassin Division


Jordan Swagerty - Grimm Captain - LRP Division

Jessica Defilpo

David Jacoby - Grimm Captain - Sniper Division

Mike Philbert             

Joe Izzo                      

Derrick Galipeau

Nick Furey          


Where do you play? How often?

The REAPERS Play bi-weekly or at least monthly at our home field,  Matts Outback, 677 Riley Mountain Rd, Coventry, CT 06238 / 860.742.0201 / http://mattsoutback.com/


Do you host games?  

The REAPERS are in talks with the field owner to hold Magfed events as well as future charitable events (GRIMMFOG's). Social media and event calendar soon to come.


What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

REAPERS will be attending all of their own events and will also attend some events at Liberty Paintball in Patterson New York schedule coming soon.


Are you proficient in tech with any markers?  

SapperG Can tech a variety of markers. Prior scheduling is preferred usually few hours before or after an event, there is a cost associated with these services. Matts Outback also provides tech services at a cost.


What markers do you use? MCS or not

SapperG uses a variety of markers depending on the Game.


Tiberius T-15

MCS Vortex

T 8.1

Tippmann TMC


Where can people find you?  

I can be reached by email at: SapperG@yahoo.com

SapperG - YouTube 

Out team Social Media and schedule of events are still in the works and coming soon.