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Southwest Regulators

Southwest Regulators

Southwest Regulators Paintball Scenario Team


Paul ‘MAGE’ Burke is the commanding officer of the SWR. The Southwest Regulators Paintball Scenario Team is based out of Southern California and play Scenario Paintball exclusively. We are inspired and modeled after the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers' ethos. The teams’ members are dedicated event roll players. We assist, cooperate and lead. The Regulators are constantly striving to be the best team both on and off the field. While we always play with a strong competitive edge we always put fun, and safety first. We look forward to seeing you on the field! 


Who are you? Location?


The SW Regulators established 2004 as part of a larger Regulator family which covered the mid-west and western part of the United States. A few years later the members of the team covering the ‘South West’ portion of the west coast branched out and became its own team. The Regs are mainly located in the Los Angeles area (with two players located in central Cali) and play mostly in mil sim/scenario games as well as mag fed only games. The current roster includes 11 members that are committed to growing the sport of mil sim scenario and mag fed paintball. The team helps sport grows by co-hosting mag fed games with Military Assault Gear (M.A.G. Games), inviting new people, showing them the ropes, and being an example of exemplary behavior on and off the field. We do all of these with a great deal of passion as this sport is a big part of our lives.


Team Members


Paul Burke AKA MajMalfunkshun or ‘MAGE’ – Major/Commanding Officer

Gary Dunham AKA ‘DeeLux’ – Captain/XO

Chris Pierno AKA ‘Greyhound’ – LT

Craig Carbajal AKA ‘CARB’ – 1st Sgt

Tony Brock AKA ‘Gizmo’ – Sgt

Mike Bareit AKA ‘Bare-IT’ – Sgt

Gabriel Casillas AKA ‘GMAN’ – Chaplain/Sgt

Kevin Dunham AKA ‘Hardmac’ CPL

Ron Wise AKA ‘Joker’ - CPL

Mark Siaotong ‘LITO’ - CPL

Mic Chow AKA ‘Zenmic’ - LT


Where do you play? How often?


Local Fields we frequently play at:

Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA

SC Village in Chino, CA

Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA  

Do you host games?

 We currently co-host ‘M.A.G. Games’ (mag fed only games) in conjunction with Military Assault Gear on a bi-monthly basis at Hollywood Sports Park. Thanks to MCS we are able to provide rental markers for first time mag fed players.


What MAGFED games do you/team plan on attending this year?

 Besides the M.A.G. games we co-host, the team attends the Dominion scenario event at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

 Experienced with all MCS markers and platforms.

 What markers do you use?

 Tacamo Hurricane



Tiberius T15

Tippman TCR

Tippman TIPX 

Where can people find you?