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Saruê Paintball Team (Brazil)

Saruê Paintball Team (Brazil)

These guys are a solid group of players that offer completely unique level of MAGFED Gameplay. They are tough and efficient. They play hard and compete, but at the end of the day they do it all for the love of the sport. True role models in the paintball community and that's what caught my eye when I read about them. Glad to have them on the MCS team and even more glad to have them as Ambassadors! Keep it up fellas! 

Who are you?
The Saruê Paintball Team is a group of friends who have come together to set up a paintball team with the aim of strengthening friendships and practicing the sport. We currently have 20 members that prefer scenario games in the woods. com que todos trabalhem para o crescimento do esporte. Andre Hebert (Sargenant Major) From the Sarué Paintball Team, he is always dedicated to promoting the sport and growing the scope of the same Brazil, former member of the Paintball Federation of the Federal District - FEP-DF, seeks to encourage new players and make That all work for the growth of the sport.

Team Members?
André Hebert – AKA Taliban – Sargento Mor
Juliano – AKA Jagunço / Presunto
Giovani – AKA Jiboia Verde
Junior - AKA Jr-Psico – Capitão
Eduardo – AKA Stalker
Renan – AKA Pink Shark
Bruno – AKA Hahn
Daniel Maia – Cpt Maia
Eduardo – AKA Batelli
Flavio – AKA Grilo
Luiz Henrique – AKA Boia Fria
Marcelo – AKA Soneca
Murilo – AKA Cunhado
Rafael – AKA Bocão
Tacio – AKA Tacio Kabumm!!
Thiago Fontoura – AKA Fontoura
Bruno – AKA Tackleberry
Rogerio – AKA Fox
Neres – AKA Neres
Camargo – AKA Camargo

Where do you play? How often?
Matadouro Paintball DF-150 Sobradinho, Brasilia – DF
Cerrado Paintball – Ponte Alta Gama – DF
Centro de Treinamento Saruê – Ponte Alta – Gama – DF

Do you host games?
We organize periodic games in Matadouro Paintball with up to 60 people, always playing scenario mode, preferably simulating missions with military objectives. 

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?
We do not organize great games, but we participate in several such as:
Wargame - https://www.facebook.com/wargame2013/?fref=ts
Operação Condor - https://www.facebook.com/OperacaoCondor2/?fref=ts
Operação CAOS - https://www.facebook.com/Opera%C3%A7%C3%A3o-CAOS-1210807108940944/?fref=ts
Operação Cavalo de Aço - https://www.facebook.com/operacaocavalodeaco/?fref=ts

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?
Most of the members are knowledgeable in markers maintenance, being a diversified knowledge, among them:
MCS – MKP I, MKP II, T68, 468;
Tippmann – 98, A5, X7, X7 PHENON, TPX, TPIX, Alpha Black;
Tiberius – TA 8.1
BT – BT4 Combat, BT4 Delta, Omega, TM15;
Spyder - Victor, MRs,
GOG/SP – SP1, G1;
Milsig – M17, MR2

What markers do you use?

Where can people find you?