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SAS Arizona Chapter

SAS Arizona Chapter

SAS Arizona Chapter


Bryan [SAS GHOST] Reeves is the Founder of the Arizona Chapter which has 13 active member that host monthly games and events in the Phoenix area. Each member of SAS AZ is an ambassador of all thighs magfed and are very knowledgeable in different platforms. We travel to other games in different states and are at most of the big west coast games! You can meet Bryan or any other SAS members at any of our magfed only games.


Who are you and whew are you located?


SAS is a international team with over 5,000 members in 5 different countries, our chapter is located in Phoenix Arizona.


Team Member:


President: SAS "ACES" David Macias Jr

V.President: SAS "Flanders" Dylan Anders

OX SAS "Forge" Mark Hermann

SAS "Scully" Vincent Encinas

SAS "Nova" Tanner Williams

SAS "Diesel" Korey Donaldson
SAS "Nyteshayd: Justin Truffle
SAS "Twinkle" Zane Randall

SAS "Hoppe" John Davis

SAS Rick Jacobs

SAS Joey Parades
SAS Mely Luna


Honorary Member SAS "Ghost" Bryan Reeves


Where do you play and how often?


Fightertown Paintball Park

9825 N ElbMirage, AZ 85335


We play here weekly.


Do you host games?


YES! We host monthly magfed games. You can follow us on Facebook @SASArizonaChapter for updates on our upcoming games.


What big MAGFED games do your team plan on attending this year?


We will be attending Decay of Nations Sept 30-Oct 1

Dead Legends in December.


Are you proficient in tech with any marker?


Platforms we work on:

T15, T8.1, 468, Tips, ParaPro, Hammer 7. If you're having issues we may be able to help.


What markers does your team use?


We us all magfed markers.


Where can people find you?