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SAS have always been some of my favorites, each one of their chapters promote the sport as a whole and even better as individuals. SAS DWARFY is extremely active online and educates and promotes MAGFED/Paintball daily. We here at MCS are extremely honored to have him apart of the Brand and the community. 

Who are you?

He is a Paintball fanatics: he did/does every "gendre" of paintball from speed to full milsim scenarios and has recently found his way to grow the sport in his country due to Our program. SAS Dwarfy is a ressourceful players helping out where he can best on the field or outside the field repairing markers. He is part of a team called RP4 which signifies "Les reformer" the Reformed ... to show that their team is like no others and seek originality. He work mostly with milsim players to try and create a new world outhere and we encourage to keep it coming, as he is doing a great job so far! He is also a strong member of the MCS Crew, which are team participating to grow our sports such as : BigsmylePaintball, Padysov/SAS FRance, Team Legion 62, Marvin Lismonde( just recently) and The Skulledeagle.

He is also the admin of a proud community called Magfed is Family who has reached our hear and welcome Magfed players or any other player interested or seekign advice to enter this new universe , 4 MCS Ambassador members are working together like never before to change their sport in believing it will bring innovation, more fun and hopefully more people to the sport!! He says and we quote " our aim with MCS and the team is to grow the sport and create a community spirit that we do not have, with all woodsball players and to encourage them  to test out either Magfed or Milsim". To sum up he usually play 24 times a year!

Where do you play? How often?

He plays alot of diverse game  such as milsim games called "Inter-Team" but also to the Big Games like Citadel in France and Marines VS Predator 4 in England and many others one's!  it basically varies on what he feels liek oding on the moment!

Lastly, He play in numerous  countries and regions of France, he is not afraid to hit the road for a good game with his team the RP4 or even alone with his SAS Brothers.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?
Yes he does, he knows how to repair Tiberius,Maxtact and Tippmann... and he slowly learning how to get my 468 skills up!

Do you have loaner markers?
TGR2, Tipx, Tiberius t8.1, 468

Where can people find you?
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SAS-Dwarfy-Stalker-1167155826680390/

TEAM PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/Les-R%C3%A9form%C3%A9s-P4-172258739625660/