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SAS West Virginia

SAS West Virginia

SAS West Virginia Chapter


Kevin Scheller, aka SAS Keevo is the vice president of SAS West Virginia. Like all chapters that represent SAS , we uphold the code of honor, integrity, and respect both on and off the field.  We may be a new chapter to the SAS club, we are not new to each other and the beautiful sport we all love so much. Moving forward we will continue to grow the sport together by, raising MagFed awareness, helping new players on and off the field, and networking for smaller fields.



Who are you? Location?


SAS WV was founded August 5, 2017 when 12 members from tri-state SAS Mid-Atlantic chapter were granted permission to split off and form our own chapter. SAS West Virginia is largely committed to growing the sport, we visit and do a lot of networking with new and smaller fields. We visit and play these fields as much as possible, we help these fields conduct scenario games by offering our services where needed, we help raise field awareness, we have also been known to produce scenario events as well. 


Team Members


Mike Mowrey aka ICEMAN

Kevin Scheller aka KEEVO

Robert Peddicord aka BEERMANBOB

Hunter Peddicord aka JUMPMAN

Portia Peterson aka SCARLET WITCH

Michael Mancinotti aka SHOCKER

Josh Shrout aka CHICKEN

Vince Roberto aka POINT BLANK

Jennifer Hall aka NOT YET

Ryan Mowery aka GROUNDHOG

Stuart Strauss aka MAUI


Where do you play? How often?


Local Fields we frequently play at:


Preston County Paintball, Masontown, WV

Three Rivers Paintball, Cranberry, PA

Slaughter House Paintball, West Alexander, PA


You can follow us on Facebook to see what events or fields we will be practicing at next.


Do you host games?


We play Mission Master Scenarios and have accepted the commanding role for several events at Three Rivers Paintball. We organized and produced our first scenario game; Gettysburg North vs South at Preston County Paintball a local West Virginia field. We are currently working to organize and produce a Holiday toy charity game for children and families in need at Slaughterhouse Paintball.  



What MAGFED games do you/team plan on attending this year?


As a team, we play up and down the East coast. We try to play 1 game per month. Some of our guys however attend several games per month. We focus a lot on Milsim and scenario events. Preferably MFOG!!!!  We have attended Kilo Six Nine, Battlefield Pa, Zero Hour, Prometheus (hogback mountains first MFOG scenario), Skirmish ION, and Fulda Gap. We plan to attend these games each year!


Are you proficient in tech with any markers?


Experience with all MCS markers and platforms.


What markers do you use?



Tacamo Bolt Pro

Tacamo Blizzard

Tacamo Hurricane




Tiberius T15


Where can people find you?


--- https://m.facebook.com/saswestvirginiachapter/


--- https://imgpublic.com/user/saswestvirginia/5847652556/