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Shadow Syndicate (Michigan)

Shadow Syndicate (Michigan)

Oh man, what can I say about these guys... as if the Motor City couldnt be any better, we have the honor of working hand in hand with the Shadow Syndicate Paintball team. The STATE of Michigan was hurting for representation for paintball, these guys answered the call. If you are in the area and have the opportunity to play with these guys and gals, DO IT! You can learn a thing or two from Michigan MAGFED players! 


Who are you? Location?

Shadow Syndicate is a magfed team located in Detroit, Michigan. We are currently seven members strong, with two recruits on the way. Our primary goal is activity. In order to join Shadow Syndicate, recruits must show they are dedicated and able to attend a certain number of team events, and spread the word about magfed paintball wherever they can when playing at non team related events. There is no required uniform, and not a lot of rules to follow, or reasons for disagreements.  We are not just a magfed team, we are a brotherhood.


Team Members?

Coach (Cody Stowers)

Predator (Eddie Salas)

Ghost (Shane Koons)

Jaybyrd (Jeanette Truba)

Diabolical (Robert Beyers)

Wiseman (Sage Honey)

Jay-5 (Jonathan Morales)


Where do you play? How often? 

We, at the very least, play monthly at team events throughout the year, in all seasons, including the harsh Michigan winters. When not attending team events, we visit a variety of local fields to play with walk-ons and spread the word about magfed paintball.  Our current home field is Landing Zone Paintbal. We also travel when we can and we have already played as a team at MFOG's on the East and West coast within the first 6 months of the teams existence. 


Do you host games? 

Shadow Syndicate hosts the first MFOG's in Michigan, Magfed Action Games (MAG). We also hosted the first ever FSR only game in March of 2017. After traveling out of state to so many games, We realized we need a home for the magfed players in Michigan to play. At MAG events, we as a team, are able to tech malfunctioning marchers, provide raffle prizes for attendees, including magfed markers and other useful paintball items, and provide entertaining scenarios for those who are looking for a milsim experience.


 What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

Activity is important to us as a team, and we encourage each other to attend as many big games as possible. We have attended Dominion: Evol2usion, and Zero Hour: Insurrection so far in 2017. We plan on attending Honey Badger at PRZ, and Fulda Gap at Command Decisions Wargames. 


 Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

As a team, we have knowledge in teching a variety of markers including the TiPX, M17, T15, T8.1, SAR12C, and any of the MCS kits / tippman markers. We have been able to get more than a few players back onto the field after some trouble shooting, minor repairs, and even part replacement.


What markers do you use? MCS or not 

Coach (Cody Stowers)            SAR12, M17, TiPX

Predator (Eddie Salas)            SAR12, T8.1

Ghost (Shane Koons)            SAR12, TiPX        

Jaybyrd (Jeanette Truba)        T15, T8.1, TiPX

Diabolical (Robert Beyers)        CCM SSR, M17, T8.1

Wiseman (Sage Honey)            MCS Hurricane, TiPX, Hammer7

Jay-5 (Jonathan Morales)        T15


Where can people find you? 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadowsyndicatepb/

Instagram: @shadow_syndicate_paintball