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Sons Of the South (Maryland)

Sons Of the South (Maryland)

Sons of the South, what can I say about these guys? Hmmm, quite alot actually... These guys are a force to be reckoned with out on the field. They show up in numbers and are looking to expand their team to an even bigger force. They represent the Paintball industry as a whole by using multiple types of makers as well as game types. They come to have fun but also to grow the sport! The Paintball/Magfed Community can learn alot from these guys! Keep it up fellas! 

Who are you?

Sons of the South is short for Sons of Southern Maryland, however in 2011 we have extended our reach and recruited all over the Maryland/ Virginia/ DC area and even into PA. We play scenario paintball but we enjoy just going to our local field - Southern Maryland Paintball - and playing recreation paintball with random players. We have all sorts of play styles - Pump, Magfed, Hopper. Some of the magfed players are part of the Magfed United Detachment or MUD as it's known.We uphold the philosophy of Honor, Integrity, Sportsmanship on and off the field. If you ask someone about us they would say we are a bunch of crazy players who get the job done sometimes in such a manner that players around us start laughing.We currently have over 20+ players 

Team Members?

Kenny Ricker "Redneck"

Eddie Lott "Krakr"

Mike Wilkinson "Blackman" 

Hil Ounnarji

Mikey Ryan "Basketcase"

Justin Keye "Killa Keyes"

Chris Tinsley

TJ Savoy "Stormy"

Chamar Noble "Chernobyl" 

Jared Elgin "Bumblebee"

Ricardo Saavadra " San Pedro" (USMC)

Justin Carpenter "Casper"

Richard Jones

Ritchie Jones

Eddie Wilson "Monster"

Chris Scott " Deadeye"

Matt Herbert "Nomad"

Donnel Rosser

Cory Essington

Thomas McGinnis

Zack McGuinnis 

Vicky McGinnnis

Andrew Reichert

Greg McCourt

 Nick McCourt

 Llyod Henderson "Hendog"

 Jermaine Harris "Calamari"

 Miles Harris "Magic Miles"

 Bradley Thompson

 Jordyn Reed

Derrick Cook

Melvin Hinton

James Hilton

Jake Sullivan

Premus Liverpool

Demark Bowman

Jason Baird

Conor Gormas

 Where do you play? How often? Do you host MAGFED Games?
You can find our members at Southern Maryland Paintball in Newburg,Md almost every weekend. At the end of every month we host a private group of magfed ,pump, and limited ammo players at Southern Maryland Paintball

Southern Maryland PaintBall Park Business Office   

11272 Edge Hill Rd Box 2128
Newburg, MD 20664


What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

We plan on attending Kilo 69, Smoldering Steel and Operation End war ( east coast) We also plan on attending as many of the not so big MFOG around our area 

 Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Most of our team members are proficient in the 468 and even the older T68. Some of our team members have alot of experience with tippmann markers

Do you have loaner markers?

We will have Bolts to use as rentals/loaners

Where can people find you? 

Team Website - www.sospaintball.webs.com
Team Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sospaintball