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SoT: Sons of Thunder

SoT: Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder, reminds of an ACDC Song, these guys actively promote the sport and the community. Which is what led me to bring them on as Ambassadors. These guys are dedicated to the growth of the sport and work hard to maintain a professional demeanor in representing the sport as well. For all you guys on the East Coast play with these guys! 

Who are you? Location?

Greg is the captain and a founding member of the Sons Of Thunder. He started this team with only half of our members playing magfed. Under his leadership SoT has changed to a magfed exclusive team. Each member is dedicated and practically family. To SoT, paintball is a brotherhood. Sons Of Thunder is a small, yet still growing,  magfed paintball team based out of southern New Jersey. We are always looking to promote the magfed style of play in our area, as well as paintball in general as a sport no matter the style of play. We are always scouting for more potential members to join our ranks

Team Members? 

Greg (Captain)

Luis (Co-Captain)








Where do you play? How often? 

Sons Of Thunder plays at least once a month at various local fields. For regular days of recreational play, we head over to Frontier Fortress Paintball and Airsoft or over to Picasso Lake Paintball. Both located in Sicklerville, New Jersey.

We also play a lot of scenario games over at On Target Paintball located in Pemberton NJ. They have a big scenario event there at least every other month and its always a blast. Check them out at www.ontargetpaintball.com


Do you host games? 

As of right now SoT does not host any games or events. We are, however, in talks with a local field to host our first magfed only game this June. If that is successful, we will attempt to hold more events and scenario games.  

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?

SoT is attending Zero Hour: Insurrection this coming April. It’s the only magfed event in the area currently. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Most of our players are excellent in the field of marker tech. If one member can’t fix an issue, another one can. Between all of us, we can fix any tippmann platform, Tiberius T8/9 systems, and 468s. We specifically specialize in MKP2 tech. if you ever have an issue with your marker, seek us out and we will do our best to get you back into the action as fast as possible.

What markers do you use? MCS or not 

Between all members we have MKP2s, a 468, a T15 and a DAM in our arsenal. We also use T8.1s and TiPXs as sidearms. 

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: Facebook.com/SonsOfThunderPaintballTeam

Instagram: @sonsofthunder_sot

Youtube channel coming summer 2017