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Swedish Vikings

Swedish Vikings

Swedish Vikings is a fat team from Sweden who want to help develop the sport, on the track we are happy to be at the forefront and fight. The Swedish Vikings team was started by Tommy Johansson (ODIN) in 2018 and is today 6 members: 

Tommy Johansson (ODIN)

Patrik Hurtig (Balder) 

Emil Mäki (Loki) 

Daniel Borggren (Heimdall) 

Danne Callh (Hugin) 

Daniel Dourén (munin) 

What events do you participate in? 

Most of them in Sweden here are some that we have participated in or will participate in:  

Sweden 2019 Hell’s Gate 

Sweden 2021 Hell’s Gate 2

Operation Black Sky: Germany 2019 spring 

Operation Black Sky: Germany 2019 autumn 

Stonehaven 4: France 2021 

From here we will communicate to cultivate the sports together. 

Facebook: Swedish Vikings 

Instagram: Swidish_Vikings_magfed 

Youtube: swedish Vikings magfed paintball 

Mail: Swedishvikingsmagfed@gmail.com

Which markers do you / the team use? 

Rap4 468 

Tippmann tmc 

Mg 100 




Hdr 50 

X7 phenom (hurricane)