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Team Fury

Team Fury

Team Fury is a small magfed only team Based in New Jersey.
We attend magfed only games as well as normal open class games.
Our mission is to grow magfed paintball and to help give others the opportunity to experience it.

Team Members:

 Brett (Strico): Team leader - Responsible for planning games, teching team markers, and leading.

James: Committed and reliable team member. He knows some on how to tech 468s and Tippmann based markers. He is our designated shield carrier.

Blake (Baba): Blake Archer is our team planner. He is responsible with making positive relationships with other teams, field owners, and staff. He likes to wear a really heavy steel pot helmet for some reason.

Dylan (Tan Man): Dylan is one of our forward players. He is quick and a good shot.

Tristen: Tristen is another forward player and runner. He is often the flag carrier and objective holder in objective based games.

John (Fancher): John is our team designated marksman. He likes to play a little less aggressive than most of the team, but he is a good shot and is just as effective of a player.

Where do you play? How often?

We play most oftenly at our home field, Cousin’s Paintball in Manchester NJ. We tend to play at least one a month, but we often play much more in the summer. We also attend magfed events such as, Cell Team Six, Battlefield PA, and Magfed meet ups in the NJ/PA area.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

All members of our team are experienced with the 468 and some of us know how to repair Tippmann based markers.

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