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The Skulledeagle  ( MCS Ambassador in France)

The Skulledeagle ( MCS Ambassador in France)


Jeff Krol AKA The Skulledeagle is a passionate  Dutch Magfed players, who plays Magfed or Woodsball around France and accross Europe. He's a Dedicate player, happy to help anyone in need of advise regarding magfed markers( newbie or not) and provides PVC, Flags and more to teams who  calls upon him. He is a True Leader for our MCS Program overseas!  

Who are you?

The Skulled eagle is seaking new and innovative ways to grow our sport and unite people together! he has created a French speaking community , In the intentiond to also make teams communicate between themself, in addition he tries to create a atmosphere where all ballers welcome to join and participate, not just magfed players, but also newbies, airsoft players or anyone interested to join and seeking information about our sport and ways or playing. It come with no suprise that this concept has easily became a one of the European community to go to, it even attracts some players around the world due to his motto #MagfedisFamily. We encourage you to see it for yourself and contact him, drop a message from ModernCombatSport and have a chat. Futhermore, he also rely on various teams such as the MCS Padysov know as SAS France Chapter, MCS Team Legion 62 Milsim, SAS Dwarfy and lastly two field owners Big ben from BigBenSmylePaintball (https://bigsmylepaintball.jimdo.com) and La Foret des Elfes managed by Nicolas Mesmil (http://www.laforetdeselfes.com/paintball). They work hands in hands while looking to build (hopefully) a better future for the magfed players in France. They enjoy not just playing the sport but educating others that may be interested in joining this awesome community.
The Skulledeagle is a Solo player and has no members, nor a team... but who knows in the future...

Team Members?

Jeff Krol AKA SkulledEagle
I'm called the Skulledeagle, magfed players equiped with a RAP4 468! promoting magfed in France and much more. Creator of the French magfed community to work together in promoting our sport by creatign a platform where teams and magfed players can interact with one another. I hope to have the pleasure to play ball with all of y'all
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Where do you play? How often?

The Skulledealg play from Big Games like The Citadel to small events, his last events was a little speed/woodsball game in a little village near him, he tries to move as much as he can to help the players get a sense of magfed but also to meet new teams and test out new field.
The Skulledeagle plays around 5-10 events per year

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

At this Time, he do not host any event, he focuses on being outhere promoting Magfed, getting acquinted with new teams from speedball to Woodsball   and getting them to know the magfed system by letting them testing it. However, We may have heard that he is planing a events for hopefully this year... but let the time reveal, what he will do next. Unfortunatly They do not have any MFOG games there,  but have more tradionnal Big Game (Woodsball) or Low Capacity games ( TAC CAp - Magfed - pump). The Skulledeagle mostly attend The Citadel which his one of the craziest venue's ( Twice a year)


Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

He is unfortunatly not, but he is working on it  and seeking help to be educated to tehch MCS markers

Do you have loaner markers?

A 468, a Bolt and a TMC

Where can people find you? 

FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/theskulledeaglepaintballpage/
Instagram: @TheSkulledeagle