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The Soldiers of Havoc (Chicago)

The Soldiers of Havoc (Chicago)

Carl “Booda” Allen also known as “Berserker”, the leader of The Soldiers of Havoc, is the most aggressive of the team. He has high ambitions and is always ready to put plans into action. His motto, “Havoc! On me!” radiates on the battlefield and motivates even those not on the team. Redd “HellRaiser” Carter, he does just that, he raises Hell for the opposing team on the field, you’ll get tired of his pressure before you get him out! Alex “S.O.L.O.” Jenkins, the business end of the stick! To him, battle is more than just brawn, skill and tactics are his driving force on the field. Together, they make up the leadership of The Soldiers of Havoc. As the sport, said with affection, MagFed paintball re-establishes its popularity amongst the paintball community, the Soldiers of Havoc have begun to market the it and share it with the far reaches of the country. By teaming up with MCS, SOH has set forth on a path to make Magfed the most preferred style of play in the paintball community.

Who are The Soldiers of Havoc?

The Soldiers of Havoc are a magfed only paintball team based in Chicago, IL at the home of Nuke Town 2013, Paintball Explosion. They currently have 9 members and are open to accepting new members that share the same values and principles that they play and live by. SOH is not solely a paintball team, they consider themselves family as well as advocates for the community and peer groups. With the addition of new players to the sport of paintball on a weekly basis, SOH makes time to educate the beginners and represent themselves as role models to the younger players.

Havoc Members

Carl “Booda” Allen - Berzerker

Berzerker -  Team Caption, always at the frontline. Known for his intensity on the field and willingness to lead the charge with one man or 100, “ Havoc! On me!”


Sondel “Redd” Carter – HellRaiser

HellRaiser -  Second in command, his deliberate annoyance to the opposition on the field wears them down and frustrates them causing players to make mistakes. Once you do make the wrong move, HellRaisers’ got ya! Pew pew!!!

Alex “Al Mac” Jenkins – S.O.L.O.

S.O.L.O. -  Team strategist, 6 P’s is his axiom. He will out smart you using you… When not on the field, you call him to work out the deals. No stone left unturned, no detail missed, the pinnacle of team business.

Jacobi Allen – Kitsune
Kitsune – Quick and cunning like the Fox, Son of Berzerker, he gets into tight quarters, then brings intensity and precision to your mask! You see him coming, watch your six, you don’t see him? Just call yourself out!

Keyontaye “Tay” Pollard – Goliath
Goliath – Giant is an understatement, there are no David’s to bring him down. Once in his crosshairs there is no walking out alive! Huge and fast, his sheer demeanor will have second guessing that waiver you signed.

Mike “M-Rad” Palumbo – Free-Loader

Free-Loader  – Fast and fearless, keep your barrel up because Mike is coming around that corner whether you’re ready or not. He aint paying for your mistakes on field, taking the victory at your cost!

Roosevelt “RAM” Henderson – Sandman

Sandman – Take your eyes off the objective and he will rock you to sleep! Sandman has all angles covered, your best bet is to count your minutes on the field like sheep, Sandman is coming to put you out!

Matthew “Taylor Made” Taylor – Thirsty

Thirsty – He’s just that, and the only thing to quench this is the satisfaction of confirmed kills on the field. Get ready for action because he’s headed to your location for sustenance.

Where do you play? How often? 

You will most commonly find SOH at Paintball Explosion located at 601 Dundee Ave, East Dundee, IL 60118 on a weekly basis when not at Magfed events (check MCS Calendar for event)

Do you host games? 

The Soldiers of Havoc are looking to host their first MFOG at Paintball Explosion in July 2018 as well as the most coveted MCS STL Drill.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

Thus far, SOH has had the pleasure of participating in Battle of HOTH 9, ODIL MFOGs, Dominion: R3QUISITION, Balance of Power (MVP) 2018 WI, World at War (PBX), Dominion: F4MINE, Kilo: Six Nine, Clowns vs Zombies (PBX)

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

We all have Tippman magfed markers in which we are very tech savvy with their intricacies. Among the Tippmann brand, we sport Tacamo (MCS), First Strike, Maxtact.

Do you have loaner markers?

Our loaner markers will be supplied by Modern Combat Solutions for our first MFOG at paintball explosion in July.

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: Facebook.com/Soldiers of Havoc

Instagram: @_soldiersofhavoc_

Youtube: youtube.com/Soldiers of Havoc