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Those Paintball Guys

Those Paintball Guys

Noah Herrick  (right) is the Squad leader of a collection of mercenaries from around the world. The second in command is the one and only Max Eribez (left)  also known as Sarge. Sarge is the muscle to the team he’s been in the Paintball trenches so long he never knows when the fights are over!

Who are you?

Muscles Magfed paintball team located in SOCAL. They currently have 2 members and are actively searching for new members with the mentality of growing the sport. This team enjoys kicking butt and taking souls up and down the California coast. Wherever we go and play, whether it be 1500 man scenario games, walk ons, MFOGS, even airball we are always there for a good time! Our MAIN goal is to educate not only the paintball community but bring new people into the amazing sport we all love! If this is something that you think fits your style, reach out and join up. We are open to anyone who wants to go out and take some souls!! 

 Echo Squad :



Noah herrick

Captain and squad leader of TPG

On field Duties
Sniper overwatch
Vanguard squad leader
Radio operator
Marker technician
Point Man
Primary: PE Emf 100 or F.S Scout, T15
Sidearm: First Strike FSC/Tipx
Special Weapon Class:
FSR Scout Sniper
Ballistic Shield/ FSC



Max Eribez
Second in command, The Red right hand
A.K.A. Sarge

On Field Duties
Objective runner
Squad Support officer
Shadow ops team leader
Strategic Command Assessment (On Field)

 Primary : PE Emf 100, Valken M17

Duel tr50 revolvers
First Strike FSC
Special Weapon Class:

Explosive tipped arrows w/ apache bow

 Where do we play?

Do you host games? 

 As of right now TPG does NOT host any private paintball events we are looking to do so in the future. With the help of our amazing sponsors and dedicated player base I know we can put on a killer event sometime in the 2024 season! Stay Tuned!!

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

TPG plays in MANY…. close to all of the magfed events in the SoCal area. We go up to Sc Village alot for their Magfed events. We also work very closely with the Phenix Squad based out of Giant San Diego, Our on field chemistry has been an unstoppable force! No one can stand in our way when we are in the trenches together.

Upcoming Events we will be attending: 2023/2024 Season

End of 2023 Season (November- End of year)

  • Total Domination 3 (Giant San Diego) Saturday December 2nd 2023
  • Santa’s V.S. Grinches (Velocity Paintball park) Sunday December 10th 2023
  • X-MAS MFOG (Giant San Diego) Sunday December 17th 2023

2024 Season

  • Suribachi (Velocity Paintball Park) Sunday February 18th 2024
  • Rebels V.S. Redcoats (Velocity Paintball Park) Sunday April 21st 2024
  • DECAY OF NATIONS (SC Village) Date is TBD


Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Cap: handles all team marker maintenance for the team, from basic upkeep to full on upgrades and body mods. Cap specializes in the Planet Eclipse Emf 100, First Strike t15 (semi-auto/blot action scout). He can also work on tipx’s, Valken M17s, and Tippman Tmcs. So if your having trouble on the field come on by to our pit and we'll do everything we can to get you in the next game!

Do you have loaner markers?

Valken M17, F.S. T15, Tipx, Riot Shield 

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: Thosepaintballguys

Instagram: @Thosepaintballguys

Youtube: Thosepaintballguys