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Timothy Hudson MAGFED

Timothy Hudson MAGFED

I am Timothy Hudson, Event planner, new player helper, leads other players into mag fed paintball. I am a mag fed player located in NorthernVirginia. I play MAGFED at my home field with other mag fed players and we plan on developing teams to play with and against each other more often. I hope to grow the mag fed sport and help as many new players as possible.

Where do you play? How often? 

Timothy Hudson plays at Warplay Paintball, 30067 Constitution Hwy, Rhoadesville, VA 22542 and tries to play as often as possible or at least every other weekend.

Do you host games? 

Timothy Hudson does not host games but Warplay Paintball hosts MAGFED, Woodsball, speedball, and scenario games every weekend.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

Timothy Hudson does not have any particular game planned but be sure to check the EVENT CALENDAR to be sure to hit the field in different surrounding areas to get MAGFED more popular

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Timothy Hudson has a wide variety of knowledge with most tippmann internals based markers. But mostly mechanical markers and mag fed markers and will be glad to help any players that have trouble with a marker or needs one fixed.

Do you have loaner markers?

We have 468's, and Bolts as loaners

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: Facebook.com/Warplaypaintball

Instagram: @Pb.4life

Youtube: youtube.com/SkullPB