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UNIT 9 MILSIM (Ottawa, Canada)

UNIT 9 MILSIM (Ottawa, Canada)

Unit 9 are a team you can look up too. There dynamic name is what contributes their dynamic gameplay. These guys are all about the sport and work hard to grow it on and off the field. These guys have big plans for this year and we look forward to working with them to help grow the MAGFED Community and their brand! 

Who are you?

UNIT 9 MILSIM is an established team that is moving towards a primarily magfed environment. We have been together for over 4 years now and focus on training in tactics and realism. We encourage tactical decision-making skills, safety and technical knowledge in all members of the team in a structured environment. We have established our presence and reputation for professionalism at many local and regional events. We also work closely in a friendly atmosphere with other teams in order to promote MILSIM and magfed events and training. UNIT 9 MILSIM is also developing a Tigress Program to promote the entry of more women into the sport.

Our goals are to develop our tactical skills and have fun; to teach individuals to work together through building bonds of trust and interdependence. We see these as life-skills which are crucial both on the field and in the daily life of the individual. Our team gathers on a continuing basis with adults and youth in order to foster the above virtues.  We also have experience working with developmentally challenged youth. This has enabled the team members to develop crucial understanding skills and to build an inclusive environment. 

Where do you play? How often? 

 We normally play 4 to 5 days a month. We are based in Ottawa Canada, so at times between January and February play becomes impossible at -20C, but then we sometimes make the 45 minute drive to an indoor field to stay sharp. However, for the other 10 months of the year we can be found at our home field at least one day a week. We participate in a variety of local and regional events. We also travel and attend various paintball events. This gives us the  opportunity to act as ambassadors and both compare and discuss equipment  with fellow paintball players. We believe that this would also provide  us the opportunity to direct players to MCSUS and its product line.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?
The 2017 events are still being planned, but at present we have planned: 

  • Battle of Hoth - 25 February at PRZ, Ontario
  • Doomsday Operation Overlord - 4 March at Stingers Brockville, ON
  • Zero Hour Insurrection - 28 April at Troy, NY
  • Reaper’s Pistol Challenge 10 June at Commando Paintball, ON
  • Tippmann D-Day Challenge - 11 June at Commando Paintball, ON
  • OPHB 6 DRUG WARS - 15 July at PRZ, ON

 Do you host games?
No,however we are now in our 4th year as a team and are gaining experience at sponsoring events. This June we will be planning a large charity event in cooperation with our local field to raise funds for Camp Aftermath, which is a an undertaking of the Aftermath Association, a  not-for-profit organization supporting military veterans and first  responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). http://campaftermath.org/  

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?
Our team runs a combination of Hurricane and Blizzard magfed kits, Tippmann (A5, X7 Phenom,TipX and Sierra One), RAP4 (METS, RAM P99, 468, tactical shotgun), Maxtact/Honorcore (TGR2), Hammer 7, and Milsig (M17). 

Where can people find you?