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Vendetta Paintball Team

Vendetta Paintball Team


Who are you? Location?  


Formed in 2015, this group of six hardcore magfed paintballers specialize in teamwork and utilizing each others strengths to get the job done on the battlefield. Everyone has years of experience and are always eager to get onto the field. All six players support growth and good sportsmanship in the paintball and magfed community. 


Who are you? Location?


    Based in Hamilton, Vendetta is a team that travels all around Ontario to dominate. To find what events they are attending, there are regular updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 


Team Members?



Jake "Blaze" Blais

Mya "Phantom" Dodd

Brayden "Breacher" Lee

Noah "Vendetta" Trout (Captain)

Josh "Apex" Kelly

Michael "Puma" Puma



Who Often Do You Play? Where?


Vendetta plays weekly and attends upwards of 3 events a month. Our home fields are: 


•Cameron's Speedway 




•Paintball Nation 



•Flag Raiders 



•Crazy Bills Paintball



Do You Host Games?


As of yet Vendetta does not but they are working towards doing so. 


What magfed events will you be attending?


This is just the last quarter of our scheduled year. 

•RMHT 3rd Annual Charity Game at Crazy Bills Paintball September 2

•Magfed Game November 4 at Flag Raiders


Proficient in tech?


We are proficient with any Tippmann, Tacamo, Milsig, Hammer 7, BTs, JTs... Basically anything magfed and hopper fed, and a few members know speedball guns very well. 




Tacamo Storm, Tacamo Vortex, a few TiPXs, Hammer 7, TMC, Dye Dam, some Maxtacts. 


Where can people find you?


•Vendetta's YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9d3PPS6rMI22b2vmBJOWLw


•Blaze's YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMLjPHxv4eJP80967rs7k3Q


•Team Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/vendettapaintballX/?ref=bookmarks