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Victor One Paintball Team

Victor One Paintball Team

Victor One Paintball Team based in the United Kingdom, we are a 10 + person team, the members are a mixture of ex-military personal and long-term players with a mixture of speedball, woods ball and Magfed and long-range shooting backgrounds.


Team Members

Tank                (Phil Shave)

Spartan            (Josh Smith)

Soap                (Chris Lowery)

One Mag         (Elliot Jones)

Danny              (Fasal Akhtar)

Trigger            (Josh Pitout)

Juggernaut      (Michael Wych)

Grassby           (Sean-Connor Grassby)

Snuffler           (Steve Bunn)

Flea                 (Stuart Renwick)

Beast               (Daniel Farrant)


Where do you play? How often?

We are based around the UK, we play at least monthly at local walk-on events and we attend most of OMG events (Only Magfed Games). We try and get together at least once a month at YPC (Yorkshire Paintball Centre).

 Do you host games?

At this moment in time we do not host games, however we fully supportive of anyone that wants to give Magfed a go.

What big Magfed games do you / team plan on attending this year?

This year we have attended most of OMG events (Only Magfed Games).

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

We have a number of team members that have experience teching markers, so we are always happy to help out.

 What markers do you use? MCS or not

The team we are using a mixture of 468's gen 1 and gen 2 and PTR's, 468 DMR's, SAR 12, T15's, T15 machine pistol, TGR's, Dye Dam, Milsig M17, Tipx’s, RAM Combat and PPQ's.

 Where can People find you?

Instagram = victor_one_pb

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Victor-one-2337634622968303/