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War Hawks Paintball Team

War Hawks Paintball Team

This UK team was formed in 2017 by a small group of individuals that played regularly at a local monthly mag-fed only walk on event.  Realising a shared love for the sport and shared values of OPENESS and COMRADERY a team was created that celebrates how this sports united people from different nations, generations and genders. This theme of unity is reflected in the team logo and motto “FORTIOR UNITUM” stronger together.

They enjoy not just playing the sport but encouraging and educating others that may be interested in joining this awesome community.

Current team members

George Shi

Imogen Frearson

Chris Jonscher

Von Ritz Dandasan

Jamie Smith

Matthew Sully

Tom Kelly

Tom Atkins

Gary Wilson

Danielle Milani

Jamie Frearson

Rayner Allington

Andrew Jonscher

Ashley Slingsby

Magdalena Tura


Where do you play? How often? 

War Hawks play every month and attend all major magfed events across the UK. Their home field is Splatoon Paintball in Wickford, Essex

They also play regularly at: Mayhem Paintball https://www.mayhempaintball.co.uk/

Do you host games? 

Not Yet, But they’re working hard to grow the sport in the UK and planning to host magfed CBQ tournaments.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year? 

War Hawks have a busy year ahead. They will be attending the majority if not all of the OMG and Ammotech Events including, War Machine, Prometheus 2, Hells Gate 2 in Sweden and Operation Stirling. A link to OMG and Ammotech can be found here



 Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

War Hawks are a diverse team of players that run a diverse range of markers. Their members are proficient in trouble shooting and tech-ing 468 PTR, T15, FSC, A5,TMC, MG100, Hammer 7 and PPQ. So if you need help with your marker, be sure to hit up the War Hawks paintball team!

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warhawkspb/

Instagram: @warhawkspb