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Project: Box Magazine

Project: Box Magazine

MCS Box Magazine is designed for players to have a high capacity feeding system - give you more versatility on the field and able to play at more events.

Capacity: 140-150 Rounds
Pattern: Black, Green, Tan
Weight: 1.75lbs to 2lbs
Available for these markers:
T68 (Gen4, Gen5, Gen6, Gen7)
468 (All models)
T15 (All Models)
DYE DAM (All models)
Tacamo (All magfed models and all magfed kits)
TGR (All models)
Milsig (All models)
Valken M17
Planet Eclipse MG100/EMF100
Spyder MRX, Spyder MR5,Spyder MR6
Tippmann TIPX, Tippmann TCR, Tippmann TMC, Tippmann Stormer
Price: $179.
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