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Project: Tornado Tacamo AK12 Assault

Project: Tornado Tacamo AK12 Assault

After two years in development, our revolutionary Tacamo Tornado AK12 is ready to go into production. It features a truly revolutionary side-folding air through stock that allows for shooting with the stock deployed or folded out of the way, an ergonomic thumb-driven safety selector switch with AK74-pattern brake.  The only thing missing is: you.

Your support for the Tornado AK12 will drive its production, and ensure that our prototypes translate into a battle-ready marker in your hands as soon as possible. So along with the Tornado AK12, we’re rolling out our new MCS Pre-Order Program.

The old pace of design, production, sales, and then units finally entering service, is too slow to keep up with our fast-evolving sport. We’ve looked at the success of crowdfunding and the best practices in other industries, and determined a better way to serve you: by offering the MCS Pre-Order Program as a way of securing funding to jumpstart production of game-ready units while fueling development of other models and products.

The Tornado AK12 is the perfect new MagFed marker to launch this program. The 9.7 inch long handguard is quickly removed with push pins inspired by modern sporting rifle design. The generous rail space welcomes optics, illuminators, and other mission-essential accessories. The receiver accepts FirstStrike-capable DMAG magazines, and Helix magazines for traditional paintballs. Each unit ships with two magazines: one of each kind.

…and your pre-order purchase helps fund development of our other exciting projects, so you won’t have to wait as long to see them in action!

The MCS Pre-Order Program is simple: order your Tornado AK12 today. We’ll charge your card and reserve your place in line to receive a Tornado AK12 fresh from our armorers as soon as they come available. Once we hit 100 presales, we roll into full production…while our designers forge ahead on new projects!

It’s the twenty first century. Why wait for the old production model? Modern Combat Sports has found a better way to serve our community.

Join Modern Combat Sports in driving innovation. Join us in leading the industry. And join us with a Tornado AK12 in your hands.