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Know Your Paintball Gun Barrel Threads

Know Your Paintball Gun Barrel Threads

Marker and thread type:
  • Airow Gun: Spyder
  • Angel: Contact manufacturer
  • Airgun Designs
    Standard and Minimag bodies use Automag twist-lock
    UL body uses Autococker
  • Azodin: Autococker
  • Bob Long: Autococker
  • BT (Battle Tested):
    BT-4 uses Tippmann A-5
    BT-16 uses Tippmann 98
    TM-7, TM-15, D*Fender use Autococker
  • CCI: Phantom
  • D3fy: Autococker
  • Dangerous Power: Autococker
  • DLX: Ion
  • Dye: Autococker
  • Empire: Autococker
  • Extreme Rage: Spyder
  • GOG: Ion
  • Indian Creek: Contact manufacturer
  • Invert: Autococker
  • JT:
    Impulse uses Autococker
    E-Kast, Outkast, TAC-5 use Spyder
    E-Icon, Raider, Tactical use Tippmann A-5
  • Kingman: Spyder
  • Matxtact: Tippmann A-5
  • MacDev: Autococker
  • Machine: Autococker
  • Milsig: Tippmann A-5
  • Mokal: Autococker
  • Piranha: Spyder
  • Planet Eclipse: Autococker
  • Proto: Autococker
  • Psycho Ballistics:
    Silver Bullet uses Spyder
    SuperBolt uses Autococker
  • RAP4:
    468, T68 use Spyder
  • Scarab Arms: Tippmann A-5
  • Smart Parts: some Ion, some Shocker, some Autococker. Best to search/contact.
  • Tacamo:
    MKV, Storm, Blizzard use Tippmann 98
    MK5, MK7, MKP, Hurricane, Vortex, Bolt, Tornado use Tippmann A-5
    Type 68 uses Spyder
  • Tiberius Arms: marker-specific twist-lock
  • Tippmann:
    Model 98, 98 Custom, Custom Pro, FT-12, and Gryphon use Tippmann 98
    A-5, X7, X7 PHenom, Crossover, Crossover XVR, TPX/TiPX, Cronus use Tippmann A-5
  • US Army: Tippmann 98
  • Valken:
    SW-1 and Blackhawk use Tippmann A-5
    Proton uses Autococker
  • Vanguard: Autococker

Our barrels that have threaded tips use 7/8-20 non-tapered threads on the front (same with the muzzle brakes).

If you're not sure which threads your marker uses and can't find it in a search, contact us and we can help you out!

Quick compatibility chart: