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Virginia Outlaws Paintball Team

Virginia Outlaws Paintball Team

William (President) Wayne (Vice President) of Virginia Outlaws is not just a dedicated leader who is trying to grow the sport of Scenario/MagFed paintball but each individual player under their command follows in his footsteps. Virginia Outlaws plays weekly/biweekly and are in the process of hosting games monthly at their private field.

Who are you?

We were founded in September 2017 by a couple of guys on a mission to spread the love and word for the sport we love. We hope to become friends and work as a team for the enjoyment and fun of playing paintball. Also, to be a competitive force in the sport of Woodsball/Scenario games. We are a family-oriented hobby group that enjoys the adrenaline packed woodsball paintball.

 Where do you play? How often? 

We play at least biweekly. We are going to play at least 2 big games during the time frame of March to the end of October. We play on private land we call “Badlands” at Deer Run Road in Broadway, Virginia. We can host small groups of people or single players who just want some where to play.  We enjoy playing at Stonewall Paintball in Virginia. Check them out online at www.stonewallpaintball.com or in person at 2215 Wert Faulkner Hwy, Glasgow, VA 24555 or call them at (540) 570-5705. We also play at www.southernmarylandpaintbal.com also have plans to play at www.skylinepaintball.com and www.hogback.net .

                                                                   Member List

 William Emerick- President (MAG DIVISON)

Wayne Fulk- Vice President (MAG DIVISON)

Eddie Smith- Member

Derek Breeden- Member

Aaron Breeden- Member

Ryan Snead- Member (MAG DIVISON)

Jamie Meyer- Member

Josh Simmers-Member

Chip Inscoe- Member

Elmer Mondo- Member

Anthony Galloway- Member

Jonathan Meadows-Member

Zack Fulk- Member


Do you host games?  

We currently can’t host games, but we are working to be able to host in the future. But we would like to open invite anyone who wants to come play with us at our field, feel welcome to join.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?  

Virginia Outlaws will be going to several big games each year. Not only MagFed Game

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

Most of Virginia Outlaws members are proficient in many makes of guns and understand parts and troubleshooting. Most of us have Tippmann marker experience and do not mind helping other players in the field. So, if you need help with your marker, be sure to hit up the Virginia Outlaws Paintball Team

Do you have loaner markers?

We have many styles of loaner guns available.

Where can people find you?  

Facebook: Facebook.com/virginiaoutlawsPB

Instagram: @vaoutlawspaintball

Website: www.virginiaoutlawspaintballteam.net