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VIDEO:Tacamo Vortex and MK5 Internal Air Installation

VIDEO:Tacamo Vortex and MK5 Internal Air Installation

Installation steps: 

1) Remove pins from marker body
2) Disconnect air line & remove grip
3) Remove screws from marker & separate halves
4) Disassemble internals:
- A) Remove linkage arm
- B) Remove hammer
- C) Disconnect air line from tombstone
5) Remove power tube internals
6) Disassmble power tube valve
7) Reassemble power tube:
- A) Install internals into new power tube valve
- B) Install new valve into new power tube
8) Reinstall internals:
- A) Install tombstone plug
- B) Install power tube to marker body
- C) Reinstall hammer
- D) Install new air tube
9) Install new linkage arm
10) Reinstall body half and fasten body screws
11) Install guide pin, spring, & o- ring to hammer
12) Install new end cap
13) Reinstall grip & pins to marker body