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VIDEO: Universal Holsters and Magazine holder

VIDEO: Universal Holsters and Magazine holder

Pistol Holsters For T4E Walther PPQ, TPM1 Glock and Smith and Wesson M&P.
MOLLE Attachment: 360 degrees tooth gear for omnidirectional rotation and can be attached to any standard MOLLE gear.

Pistol Holster: https://mcsus.com/products/magazine-holder-for-t4e-walther-ppq-tpm1-glock-and-smith-and-wesson-m-p

Magazine Holder: https://mcsus.com/products/pistol-holsters-for-t4e-walther-ppq-tpm1-glock-and-smith-and-wesson-m-p

Belt Clip: https://mcsus.com/products/belt-clip-attachment-for-universal-holster-and-magazine-holder

Paddle: https://mcsus.com/products/paddle-attachment-for-universal-holster-and-magazine-holder

MOLLE: https://mcsus.com/products/molle-attachment-for-universal-holster-and-magazine-holder

Compatible Brands Pistols:
M9, 92, 92FS, 96A1, PX4, APX
Bersa thunder Pro 9mm
Canik TP9 SF/SFX
Colt 1911-3", 1911-4", 1911-5"
CZ 97, P07, P09, CZ 75 SP-01
Shadow 1, P-10C
FNX-45, FN-509
Glock 17, 19, 21, 27, 34, 43
Girsan MC28
Hi-Point C9
Kahr CW45
Ruger Security9, RSR9, SR9C,SR1911
Sig Sauer P220, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, Sig Pro 2022 (Germany or USA version), Sig P938, P320, P250
Smith&Wesson M&P 9mm, M&P shield, M&P Compact, SW9V, SW9, M&P .45, M&P .40 C, M&P 40, M&P 2.0
Springfield XDS, XD-9, XDS .45, XD40, XD45, XDM-40, XDM-45ACP, XDE-9, XDM-9, Hellcat 9mm
Steyr C9-A1
Taurus Millennium PT100, PT92, PT938, T800, PT809, PT709, PT24/7, PT24/7-OSS, PT809C, PT840C, G3
Stoeger STR-9
Walther CCP, P99 AS, P99 QA, PPQ, Q5 Match


Compatible Brands Pistol Magazine:


APX Models, M9 Models, Px4 Storm Models, 92 Models


Defender Series, Commander Series, 1911 Classic, S70 Government, Competition Series 9mm / .45, Gold Cup Series 9mm / .45, Rail Gun Series, Combat Elite Series 9mm / .45, Combat Unit Series, Wiley Clapp Series


P-07, P-09, P-10 C, P-10 F, 75 Compact, P-01, 75 SP-01, Shadow 2, 75 B, 97 B


G17, G17L, G19, G19X, G26, G34, G43, G43X, G45, G48, G22, G23, G24, G27, G35, G21, G30, G30S, G36, G41

Heckler & Koch

USP, VP9, VP40, P30SK, HK45, P30, P30L, P2000, MARK 23


EC9s, LC9s, SECURITY-9, Ruger American Pistol, 1911

Sig Sauer

P938, P229, P320, P210, P365, P226, P220, P225, SP2022, 1911

Smith & Wesson

M&P 9 Shield M2.0, M&P 9 M2.0, M&P 40 Shield M2.0 M&P 40 M2.0, M&P 45 Shield M2.0, M&P 45 M2.0

Springfield Armory

XD Series, XD-M Series 9mm / .40 / .45, XD-S Series, XD-E Series, 1911


TH9 Models, TH40 Models, G2s Models, G2c Models, 92 Models, Taurus 1911 Models


PPQ 45, PPQ M2, PPQ Classic, P99, PPS, PPS M2