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H/S Elite 468

H/S Elite 468


Here is the latest version of the Unicus series. This marker offers the best of both MAGFED/ REAL STEEL worlds. Flaunting its REAL STEEL counterparts accessories, this marker gives you the firearm look and feel without the Lethal repercussions. This marker is is above its class and has been tuned and modified for greatness. Guaranteed the player who receives this marker will be the talk of the field. The H/S Elite 468 will provide you the edge needed to dominate the field and our perform your opponents. 

Package Includes:

3x 2017 Helix (Color and Type of your choice)

1x 14rd Shaped Projectile DMAG

Gun Case with UNICUS Engraving 

**Sight zeroed in at 50yds with Shaped Projectiles**