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PTR DMR "Reaper"

PTR DMR "Reaper"

Not to much to say about this Unicus build, except WATCH OUT! This MARKER was built to harbor kills on the Paintball field. . All of its components were hand chosen to ensure performance and enhance its abilities on the field. The optic is perfect for 80+ yard shots, the handguard is extremely light to allow for easy maneuvers around the field. You would think by its size, this weapon would be a workout to carry around the field... YOUR WRONG! The entire build is just under 6lbs which means you will have the ability to maneuver around the field to get the best shot with ease. Whoever possess this marker, may God bless whoever is on the business end...


Package includes

3 x Helix SPR MAGS (Color of your choice)

1 x 14rd DMAG SPR

Spare parts kit

Custome Unicus Engraving 

MOTS 2 16in "Bottle Opener" Handguard 


3-9 x 32 SCOPE (Blue Illumination) w/ integrated RED Laser 

NARC Muzzle Break 

16in HH Oneshot A5 Threaded Barrel 

LTC SlimLINE Stock 

MFT Adjustable AR Spec Pistol grip (6 Adjustable Back/Front Straps) 

Redesigned Valve for better consistency per shot **Depends on Tank used and Projectiles** 


**Not intended for roundball- if you do use round ball, make sure to use HIGH QUALITY MAGFED Round and Roundball DMAG/HELIX Mags**