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VIDEO:468 The Ultimate Magfed Paintball Gun

VIDEO:468 The Ultimate Magfed Paintball Gun

The 468 (more info) is perhaps the most durable marker of its kind, surviving a series of torture tests including being run over by an SUV, buried, thrown off of a building, and withstood a direct hit from a 12ga shotgun.

Voted "most reliable marker" by online mag-fed groups, the 468 is the industry's work horse and keeps more players in the game than ever before. To add further reliability, every 468 comes standard with revolutionary Lok-Bolt technology, the patented chop-prevention device that makes chops virtually impossible.

Maintenance is fast and simple with an AR15-like split receiver design, giving immediate tool-less access to the marker's internal mechanism, just like a real rifle.

The 468 is established as the backbone of various military and law enforcement units' force-on-force training, and is the standard of realism for the annual Urban Shield multinational SWAT competition in Oakland, CA.

With endless configurations, the 468 has become the favorite of mag-fed players and military units worldwide.

The 468 is proudly made in the United States of America.