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468 Paintball Gun

The most realistic paintball gun ever designed is now available for recreational use. Designed by a leading firearm engineer who served military and law enforcement clients with distinction, the 468 is a highly advanced paintball gun that embodies the features and performance that competitors and force-on-force training instructors demand. The 468 is a magazine-fed, semiautomatic carbine that shoots standard .68 caliber spherical training rounds and paintballs, as well as .68 caliber shaped projectiles. With the fire controls, bolt release, and magazine release, in their familiar orientation, transitioning from a duty weapon to a 468 for training is intuitive…and training with the 468 translates back into real world gun handling and marksmanship skills. Each 468 features the all-mechanical Lok Bolt System to prevent chopping and promote reliability, among other innovative adaptations. The 468’s ability to use milspec accessories and attachments makes it the ideal option for military and law enforcement personnel, and other end users already familiar with M4-pattern firearms and who demand the very height of authenticity from their paintball marker. While the 468 is highly intuitive to those familiar with firearms, and is easy to learn to shoot well, this advanced product is not recommended for new players or players unfamiliar with magfed paintball. Learn more about 468