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TACAMO Blizzard V2 Alpha MagFed Conversion Kit (5 Magazines) (Estimated Shipping 8-30-2024)

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Get into the magfed paintball scene without buying a new marker! The Blizzard Conversion Kit is the solution. It transforms your existing gun into a Blizzard MagFed Marker, upgrading it from a hopper to a magazine-fed system. This lets you shoot Shaped Projectiles, First Strike Rounds, and regular paintballs, giving you a tactical edge while using the marker you're already comfortable with.

Follow the guide linked below to set up the conversion and bring your marker to new heights of fun and excitement. Keep using the gun you know well, eliminating the hassle of learning maintenance on a new marker. Just enjoy your upgraded magfed system with the Blizzard Conversion Kit!

This new V2 version features an upgraded magazine well designed for smoother magazine insertion and feeding. It includes an ambidextrous magazine release for effortless operation and is constructed from durable metal for enhanced reliability.

Key Features:
- User-Friendly Maintenance: Perfect for beginners and field rentals, maintenance is quick and easy.
- Versatile Rear Cap: Can be swapped for a buttstock or a rear air system.
- Magazine Compatibility: Works seamlessly with DMAG and DMAG Helix, two of the most popular paintball magazines.
- Anti-Chop Upgrade: Lok-Bolt upgrade available to minimize chopping.
- Accessory Rails: Full-length Picatinny top rail and half-length dovetail rail for optics, sights, and accessories.
- Comprehensive Kit: Includes all the necessary components to convert your marker.
- Complete Body Replacement: Replaces your existing marker's body panels while retaining internal components and most accessories.
- Enhanced Vision: Improves your field of view.
- Revitalize Older Markers: Brings fresh life to older designs.
- Tactical Advantage: Takes your paintball experience to a new level of tactical gameplay.
- Affordable: Gets you back in the game quickly without breaking the bank.

Package Includes:
1 x Blizzard marker body
5 x Helix 20 rounds magazine
1 x Helix loading rod
1 x Trigger and trigger frame

This Kit Can Used For:
- U.S. Army Alpha Black
- U.S. Army Project Salvo
- Sierra One
- Bravo One
See the compatibility chart - for magfed conversion kit

Internal Air Kit Guide: https://mcsus.com/blogs/quick-guides/bolt-blizzard-marker-internal-air-and-air-in-stock-guide

Shaped Projectile and First Strike Guide: https://mcsus.com/blogs/quick-guides/bolt-blizzard-vortex-shaped-projectile-and-first-strike-upgrade-guide

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