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MCS Gen2 Box Magazine With High Performance Vortex Drive For Tippmann TMC and Tippmann Stormer Paintball Gun

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Experience the pinnacle of paintball technology with the MCS Box Magazine equipped with Vortex Drive! This groundbreaking force-feed, high-capacity loader can accommodate 140-150 paintballs, ensuring consistent delivery even at the highest cyclic rates. When the game demands rapid, reliable firepower, compromise is not an option. Traditional hoppers are bulky and detract from the sleek, tactical aesthetics of your mil-sim marker. This advanced technology is designed for smooth, uninterrupted feeding and flawlessly melds with your tactical ensemble, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of your equipment.

Elevate your paintball experience with the MCS Box Magazine Vortex Drive, engineered for unmatched reliability and performance. This innovative device is specifically designed to accommodate both undersized and oversized paintballs. Its meticulous design ensures each paintball is gently cradled and seamlessly integrated into the feeding sequence, resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted flow that dramatically increases feeding speed and enhances shooting performance.

Key Features:
- Increased Feeding Speed: Rapid feeding technology keeps you continuously ahead in the game, minimizing interruptions.
- Elimination of Jamming: The Vortex Drive effectively eliminates jamming from irregular-sized paintballs, ensuring a smoother and more reliable shooting experience.
- Prevention of Misfeeding: Perfectly aligning each paintball into the feeding sequence, the risk of misfeeds is drastically reduced, boosting your game performance.
- Enhanced Overall Performance: The precision and efficiency of the Vortex Drive significantly improve your feeding and shooting performance, granting you rapid-fire succession with an edge. 

The package comes with:
1 x Box Drive Magazine
1 x Tower for Tippmann TMC and Tippmann Stormer Paintball Gun

Key features:
Capacity: 140-150 Rounds
Pattern: Black, Green, Tan
Weight: 1.75lbs to 2lbs

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