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MCS100 M4/AR15 Coversion Body Kit For EMF100 MG100 Paintball Gun

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The MCS100 M4/AR15 Body Kit for EMF100 MG100 Paintball Gun revolutionizes the way you upgrade and customize your marker, taking your gameplay to new heights. This cutting-edge body kit allows you to transform your paintball gun into a full-length M4/AR15 rifle, unlocking maximum performance and providing a significant tactical advantage on the field.

With nearly unlimited adaptability and upgradeability, this body kit offers exceptional versatility. It seamlessly integrates with your existing EMF100 MG100 paintball gun, making it compatible with all handguards featuring a mil-spec barrel nut and all standard accessories specifically designed for EMF100 MG100 markers. This means you can explore a vast array of upgrades, from advanced handguards and stocks to various tactical accessories, tailoring your marker to suit your individual preferences and strategic needs.

One of the standout features of the MCS100 Combat Body Kit is its remarkable compatibility with all your marker's existing accessories. You no longer have to compromise or give up parts you already own and love. Simply install the MCS100 Body Kit, and your beloved EMF100 MG100 accessories will seamlessly integrate with the new M4/AR15 setup, allowing you to maintain the familiarity and functionality of your paintball gun while embracing the enhanced performance and appearance of a military-style rifle.

Take advantage of this exceptional body kit to optimize your paintballing experience. With the MCS100 M4/AR15 Body Kit for EMF100 MG100 Paintball Gun, you can create a personalized masterpiece that aligns perfectly with your tactical playstyle, ensuring you're always one step ahead of the competition on the battlefield. Upgrade your marker like never before and become a force to be reckoned with in the paintball arena.

NOTE: MCS100 Body Kit is compatible with the air tank buttstock kit. This kit is estimated to be in October 2023.

Key features:
- Quick and easy maintenance for beginners and as a field rental
- Compatible with all handguards with a mil-spec barrel nut.
- Compatible with all standard accessories made for EMF100 MG100 
- Completely replaces your marker plastic body with a 6061 aircraft aluminum body
- Retain the use of internal parts and accessories
- Opens up your field of view
- Breathe new life into your marker
- Takes you to a whole new level of tactical paintball!
- Lok-Bolt Anti-chop Upgrade-able

Package Includes:
1 x MCS100 Combat Body. Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
1 x MCS100 M4/AR15 Top Rail. Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
1 x Milspec Barrel Nut Adapter. Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. (Compatible to all handguards with milspec barrel nut) Example: RIS Handguard and Dagger Handguard
1 x Feed Adapter - (Optional Lok Bolt Upgrade)

This Kit Can be Used For the:
- EMF100 Paintball Gun
- MG100 Paintball Gun

 Available Color:
- Black
- Pink
- Blue
- Red
- Gold
- Silver
- FDE Tan

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