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Evolution of MCS

We've come a long way. And we're always moving forward

Follow MCS time line on our evolution of being a leader in training weapons.

Our founders saw the possible connection between recreational paintball and military simulations/training, and knew they could find a way to bridge them. They formed RAP4 from a common love of paintball and interest in the industry. Our first paintball gun models were .43 caliber systems modeled after the M4A1, which we called Real Action Markers (RAM).

Recognizing the importance of simplicity, we developed our next generation of training rifle: the T16. It was engineered for easier maintenance and more reliable operation. The T16 sparked interest in many military and law enforcement units for paintball-based force-on-force training systems.

The .43 caliber platform just wasn't hitting hard enough. We designed our first .68 caliber training rifle as the next evolution in force-on-force training. Called the T68, it became our bridge into the recreational paintball market as well. As milsim (military simulation) paintball grew quickly, our T68 began popping up on local paintball fields worldwide. Law enforcement also discovered that our T68 can shoot less lethal projectiles to provide law enforcement, correctional personnel, and security agencies with a safe new deterrent.

The T68 did its job, but we needed something more robust and reliable if the military was going to depend on it for realistic training, and if law enforcement was going to field it against determined criminals. In this critical mission, Omar Macy joined the team as our premier weapon designer. Macy came to us from the firearm industry with a great depth of knowledge and experience. Cosmetic realism was not enough for him, or our clients; we could do even better. Our training rifles needed to function and handle as realistically as possible, and represent the durability and reliability of real combat-ready firearms. Just as importantly to be effective training tools, they need to disassemble just like real firearms so they replicate every possible aspect of duty weapons.

One of the issues plaguing mag-fed markers was the "chop" phenomenon, where the bolt strikes and breaks the projectile inside the breech. This is most often caused by partially seated projectiles. We knew that to succeed in both military training and the recreational paintball market, we'd need to overcome this widespread issue. The Lok-Bolt (TM) was our solution. Now standard on all of our training rifles, the Lok-Bolt (TM) is one of the most innovative designs in the industry. It provides a purely mechanical solution to overcome the "chop" phenomenon, and it works in all weather, making the Lok-Bolt (TM) a must have feature for military units and recreational paintball players alike.

Up to this point our magazines were like the others in magfed paintball: thick, heavy, and prone to breaking if dropped. We saw how paintball players treated their pods: tossing them when they were empty, stepping on them when they got in the way, leaving them to lie in the mud...and we realized that our magazines needed to be able to withstand the same abuse. Thus, we designed the DMag (for "Droppable Magazine"), a lightweight, dependable, robust, and surprisingly affordable magazine.

Players demanded more firepower from their magazine fed markers, while keeping with the extreme realism they value. For them, we engineered the Box Mag�a 250 round, force-feeding system that mimics the appearance of a Squad Automatic Weapon�s belt feeding system. With the Box Mag, our players�and military squad automatic weapon personnel�now have unsurpassed firepower in the most realistic manner possible for a bulk loader.

As a firearms engineer, Omar Macy implemented key design changes and new features that revamped our T68 line for its renowned 7th generation...and then he created a bold new design. We had planned on continuing the series with our T68 Generation 8, but his design was far too revolutionary for that model line. We designated his revolutionary design as the 468, and thus was born a revolutionary paintball gun with more firearm-inspired features than any other pneumatic air rifle on the market. A true hybrid of combat firearm design and compressed air propulsion, we knew this was the answer to the mission we set out to achieve from our beginning.

We have an ongoing dedication to improving our quality, and have learned many lessons along the way. To ensure the highest level of quality through direct control of manufacturing processes, we expanded our in-house production and created our �Made in USA� product line.

Taking the market by storm in 2012, the 468 was unlike any marker in existence. Military and law enforcement units already familiar with the T68 soon traded in their training markers for this revolutionary tool. Its ease of maintenance and extremely realistic look, handling, and function, made it instantly popular on paintball fields around the world. The 468 set the standard for training rifles, instantly becoming our flagship product.

Our Tacamo-branded magazine conversion kit allows owners of standard hopper-fed paintball guns to convert their paintball gun to work with a magazine, making magfed paintball even more accessible to the recreational paintball market. These kits draw in more players, giving them a revolutionary option...and making the experience even better with the DMag. As an inexpensive, dramatic, and utterly reliable alternative to unrealistic hoppers, the DMags and Tacamo Magfed Conversion Kits combined to make massive magfed games a reality. This became known as the �Magfed Movement.�

The PTR is the latest compressed-air powered force-on-force training rifle available. Designed to replicate nearly every feature and function of the M4 / M16 family of combat rifles�including trigger pull and trigger reset, balance and natural point of aim, and reloading and field stripping procedures�the PTR is the ideal training rifle for military and law enforcement operators. The PTR has been adopted as a training rifle and is currently only available for military and law enforcement contractors.

Whether training as a professional marksman or as a recreation sniper role, the DMR provides unparalleled accuracy, extremely quiet operation, and the realism you expect from RAP4. This is a custom-engineered bolt action paintball rifle that is capable of +/- 2fps velocity consistency with high quality shaped projectiles for taking targets over 100 yards. Release date: March 29, 2014

Hammerhead Paintball and RAP4 are excited to announce the merger of our two companies, along with an impressive portfolio of industry-leading paintball and tactical training gear companies, including: Tacamo Paintball, US Military Gear, Defense Innovation, Macy Works, and CMI Tru-Flight. We are integrating seven leading paintball companies and brands to drive innovation. The newly integrated company is positioning itself as a leader in tactical gaming and force-on-force military training, as our players and operators demand the same high-quality, cutting-edge technology.

Helix magazine was debut in the summer of the 2015 - it was sold out within days of its release. No other magazine is more robust - easy to clean and widely use as the HELIX.

We are the future, of force-on-force training systems for military and law enforcement personnel...and we are the clear choice in less lethal projectile delivery technology. The future never looked so bright, and we have a whole new, exciting line of products being released throughout the year. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!